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Pammela Cleveland

Christian Speaker
God's Random Acts of Kindness/Focused Faith Warriors Foundation
Irving Texas 75063

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Whenever kindness is sent out, no matter whether in words or deeds, it will always returns back home to its owner

Whenever kindness is sent out, no matter whether in words or deeds, it will always returns back home to its owner

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Name God's Random Acts of Kindness/Focused Faith Warriors Foundation
Irving, TX 75063
United States

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  • 1996
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  • The Pottershouse of Dallas
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More About Pammela Cleveland

 Lady Pammela Cleveland is an inspiring, transformational communicator, connector, kindness lifestyle coach, poet, and writer. With a passion and talent for both science and art, as a Kindness Lifestyle Coach, she brings balance and healing to the body, mind, and soul. She provides a safe and inspiring environment for individuals to effectively learn how to turn their impossible into the possible, the trauma in their lives into triumph and pain into purpose through undiscovered gifts, talents, faith, and the spirit of kindness. 

Her passion for science has guided her into the health field where she uses natural and alternative methods to aid individuals to better health as a Health and Wellness Kindness Lifestyle Coach and her passion for the arts  guided her to manage and discover talent of able and disabled and less fortunate individuals, in music and acting, poetry, books, music, movie scripts and directing plays and films as a Talent and Entertainment Manager.

       Lady Pammela learned early in life that she was an entrepreneur by nature. Her humanitarian spirit of kindness is contagious, and it is transforming lives all over the world.  In 2001, she started as a student in a Non-Profit training program, learning to become a business owner and soon became Instructor, Project Coordinator, and Networking Facilitator for the Group and was a very effective speaker in raising money for the program. This stirred a passion in her to find more effective ways she could make a difference in the world. 

 In 2003, she founded GRA_OK Ministries (God’s Random Acts of Kindness) to help hurting, ill, disabled, and less fortunate individuals through the spirit and acts of kindness through words and deeds.  

For Lady Pammela, kindness is a lifestyle and every day she looks for what she calls “Kindness Moments”. She describes “Kindness Moments” as the opportunity for a random act of kindness to take place. Her random acts of kindness may vary from writing kindness notes to strangers, feeding the homeless, setting up her own community projects to better the community and supporting other organizations making a difference in the world.

As a writer, she has received Editor's Choice Awards for two of her published poems entitled, “For All That You Do” and Voice Speak”.  In 2007, she was chosen to perform and recite at the Governor's ball in Norman, Oklahoma for the Urban Poet's Society, three of her favorite poetry pieces entitled, “I’ll Get Up Off the Floor in A Minute”, “Naw, She Ain’t Crazy, She Just Got Issues”, and “Voice Speak”. In 2017, her article, “How to Be Kind” was published  with Persistent Faith International Ministries.

       Growing up, Lady Pammela’s traumatic childhood experiences caused her to be shy, withdrawn and silent but today, that same little girl, known to many now as “Voice Speak Lady DrP”, found her voice again and is inspiring people all over the world with her stories and life message of kindness. 

Her message of kindness and faith is to awaken change not just in your lifestyle but your mindset by teaching how both together they can transform your life. She believes that without faith, kindness cannot exist and to be kind you must have a healthy belief system. She teaches individuals how to focus faith, how to target faith to what you want, how to use fear as a servant to your life situations, how to re-connect with your kinder self and empower you with courage to never, ever give up.

       She recently established a Focused Faith Warriors Group that birthed from her experience with Guillain Barre’ Syndrome and CIDP. She is a 2x survivor of Guillain Barre’ Syndrome. She was paralyzed twice, and she recovered twice. This disease left her crippled with little to no hope, but she fought back and never gave up. 

 Although, she still has some occasional challenges with some of the damage left from the side effects of the disease, she has chosen to live her life sharing her story of faith to inspire others not to give up too. She shares her remarkable journey of recovery from this long-term illness, her struggle with emotional, mental, physical, sexual, and spiritual abuse as a young girl growing up and how her focused faith guided her through it all. Her illness inspired her to design a kindness lifestyle coaching program and focused faith group to better aid in the support and recovery of individuals and the families of sick, disabled, and hurting individuals. 

She coaches through her faith in God and no matter if you are a woman, man, or child, business owner, minister, employee or employer, stranger, or friend, she has been known to transform many lives with this strategy.

Pammela Cleveland Speaking Topics

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How to be Kind When You Really Don't Want To Be

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