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Ginger Millermon Recommendations

Submitted by Morris Hill Baptist Church on 12/23/2021

Nicole Hockenberry Women’s Ministry Director

On Topic

Ginger is a top-notch women’s event speaker. Our church had her lead worship, teach & share her testimony for our event. She was very organized with great communication from the beginning of setting up a contract & made it easy to plan. She led us in worship & her voice is absolutely beautiful! Everyone was awed by her worship and it was so uplifting and engaging.  

She is also an incredible speaker! She shares her testimony in such a way that you feel like you know her personally and almost shared in her experiences.  
We sent out a survey to the women who attended and their responses about Ginger were incredible! “I loved how she brought scripture into everything she talked about!” They described her as, “excellent, uplifting, godly attitude, encouraging, delightful”.  Another woman remarked how, “Ginger’s message was a balm to my heart and soul”.  The women loved our conference with Ginger more than I ever could have expected.  I would have her return to our church every year!

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Missy Copeland Women’s Ministry Co-Director

Once you select Ginger as your speaker, the conference essentially plans itself. Ginger provides the worship music and biblical teaching. Her husband, Joel, runs the sound and they make the planning & event so easy and smooth!
The worship & teaching times received rave reviews. Ginger shares from the heart about her life trials and leads everyone to focus on Christ through their own trials. Many attendees say that her teaching was “just what they needed to hear.”
I was impressed with Ginger just after reading her book. I loved that she didn’t finish every tale of a trial with a happy earthly ending because we are not promised that. Instead she shared how Christ showed up and drew her closer to Him during every trial. If you chose to book Ginger for your conference, you will be so pleased and you and your attendees will come away renewed and refreshed and with a fresh perspective on trials and how the Lord can use even the most difficult circumstances in your life.

Submitted by Morris Hill Baptist Church on 12/23/2021

Annie Bennett

Ginger’s testimony and Gospel presentation were so clear and gave personal application to every woman attending our event; women from 16 to 90+. No one hearing Ginger’s beautiful voice and presentation could have walked out of the venue without knowing that Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life!

Submitted by Women’s Network Director Golden Hills Community Church Brentwood, Ca on 11/02/2021

Kris Goertzen Women's Ministry Director

I can't recommend Ginger Millermon highly enough! Her personal stories bring the Scriptures to life and keep her audience on the edge of their seat. For weeks to come they talk about how she moved them to be more in awe of God's power. She's warm, relatable and highly engaging which makes the women invite her back again and again. Her passion for the souls of women make her an excellent choice for your next event!

Submitted by Shades Mountain Community Church on 08/13/2021

Mariana Clapp President Retreat to the Rock

Almost a month later, ladies are still sharing with me how blessed they were by Ginger Millermon's teaching at Retreat to the "Rock." Her ability to draw us into her modern day story and then reveal the Biblical application was profound! Put that together with her anointed singing, and we had the perfect retreat. We will certainly invite her back someday.

Submitted by Retreat To The Rock on 04/26/2019

Heidi Norton

As our featured speaker for Fellowship Women’s Spring Retreat, Ginger was a delight! Not only were Joel and Ginger a joy to work with in preparing for the event, but also their presence was one of authentic joy, peace. Love and hope in the Lord the moment they entered our meeting space.

Ginger’s singing was beautiful. Her story endearing and inspirational. Her teaching was deep and real yet relatable and anchored in scripture. Attendee after attendee poured out praises for Ginger’s words of truth, love and encouragement.

Heidi Norton

Submitted by Fellowship Bible Church Women’s Events Coordinator on 06/04/2018

Deedy Tripp, Women's Ministry Director

Ginger Millermon spoke and sang at our annual Women's Spiritual Life Retreat weekend and was totally amazing! She is truly gifted by God and has a message of His love and provision that will touch and soften the hardest heart. Our ladies loved her and overwhelmingly requested her return. She's coming back for our next retreat in 2018 and we can hardly wait!!

Submitted by Christ Independent Methodist Church on 08/30/2017