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Carla Gasser Recommendations

Submitted by Christ Community Chapel (Hudson Campus) on Friday, Oct 30, 2015

Lynn Mosher, Director of Women's Ministries

On Topic

"I have known and worked with Carla Gasser for the past 8 years and can wholeheartedly vouch for her speaking and teaching gifts. I am the Director of Women's Ministries at her church, Hudson Community Chapel, and have worked with her on our Women's Committee, as well as placed her in many positions of teaching. She has taught larger group studies of 100+ women, and is very comfortable and poised up front. She is a diligent student of God's Word and clearly presents truth from Scripture with relevant examples and humorous stories. She is discerning and naturally gifted in speaking and I would not hesitate to give her a recommendation to pursue that venue. God has, and will continue, to bless women through her. Most sincerely,
Lynn Mosher
Director of Women's Ministries
Hudson Community Chapel"

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Mark Lile, Pastor of Assimilation

Carla is a joy to know and her passion for her Savior is seen through her ministry and in her home. Carla has wonderful insight into the Word of God and she is committed to understanding and applying God's truth to her own life and to the lives of those she invests in through teaching, mentoring and speaking. Carla is the kind of servant every church leader loves!

Submitted by Christ Community Chapel (hudson Campus) on Friday, Oct 30, 2015

Joy Trachsel, Volunteer/PR Coordinator

"It is with great pleasure that I recommend Carla as a speaker for your organization. I can recall when I was walking by an auditorium and felt compelled to stop and listen to the speaker on the stage. On stage was Carla Gasser speaking from her heart and sharing a personal story. Carla engaged the ladies with her down to earth demeanor and easily connected with her audience. As I began to get to know Carla it was evident how much she loved the Lord and desired to serve Him wholeheartedly. Carla ""walks the talk"" and lives out her salvation on a daily basis. She is a gifted speaker and would be a blessing to any group who has the chance to hear her speak.
Many Blessings,
Joy Trachsel
Speaking Thru Me Ministries"

Submitted by Access Emergency Women's Shelter on Friday, Oct 30, 2015