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Cindy Folsom

Lois is a gifted and anointed speaker. When she is speaking, she brings her topic to life for her audience. Lois uses wonderful examples when she is speaking and or teaching. It's important to Lois that everyone understands what she is teaching. She encourages questions and discussions. The topics that Lois chooses helps everyone with their relationship with God. She is a phenomenal speaker/teacher and I would highly recommend her. You will not be disappointed!!

Submitted by One Of God's Army on Tuesday, Dec 04, 2018

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Trish Costain

I jumped at the opportunity to bless this mighty woman of God, who through the obedience and leading of the Holy Spirit is changing lives. She is transparent in her longing to see the Kingdom of God thriving here on earth. Because of Lois' deliverance ministry, I received a second chance at life and hope. God did a powerful work in me and I will forever be a walking testimony of what he can do with a surrendered vessel. This woman listens listens daily to see what God would have her do, and then she does it, many times at a sacrifice to her own personal comfort. Because of the changes that God brought to me, I know He will use Lois to affect many more lives.

Submitted by Aspiring Author on Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Linda Brinkman

Lois Flewelling.......what a remarkable woman.......a woman of the WORD......a modern day Esther. Lois is a great leader, teacher, role model & Godly example. She is a woman of humility, strength & dignity. I am confident the Lord has, is & will continue to use her to change this time in which we live. May God richly bless her for her loving & faithful commitment to HIM. 1 Pet. 1:16 You shall be holy, for I am holy.

Submitted by Warriors For God on Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Linda McCord, LCSW

Lois has an anointing that challenges, inspires and educates the body of Christ. She presents with a spiritual wisdom that is bible-based and fully guided by the Holy Spirit. I have attended many trainings, workshops and conferences that Lois has presented over several years. She speaks with clarity and spiritual wisdom and always brings a solid message to her audience. I would highly recommend Lois as I consider her to be an excellent speaker, teacher and presenter.

Submitted by Empowering Life Center on Saturday, May 06, 2017

Naomi McGraw

Since meeting Lois I have realized what an awesome anointing she has for teaching and what a passion she has for all people. I find it so easy to learn from her. She has helped immensely in my journey to understand God & this journey we're on.

Submitted by Empowering Life on Saturday, May 06, 2017

Irene Campbell

I wholeheartedly recommend Lois Flewelling!! She is an anointed, powerful Woman of God. I have attended many of her conferences over the years, and never have I been disappointed

Submitted by One Of God's Army on Saturday, May 06, 2017

Sharon Broad- Lay Counsellor

Lois is a powerful woman of God. She is full of passion for His word and compassion for His people.She thrives on helping others to discover their gifts and gives them opportunity to walk in them. When she teaches her messages are very inspiring as they come from her own personal experience. God has blessed Lois with a healing anointing which flows as she teaches and counsels. I have seen many set free from bondage.Lois has a gentle spirit and is loved and appreciated by all who know her. I highly recommend her as your next speaker.

Submitted by Empowering Life Center on Thursday, Dec 15, 2016

Mary-Ann Holmes, CPC

I have know Lois for 40+ years and with great confidence can recommend her as a speaker. She has a great deal of education and training for speaking as well as the anointing for sharing what God places on her heart. She facilitates classes at Empowering Life in Houlton, Maine and she has been guest speaker at conferences I have been at as well as hosting her own conferences. She can more than adequately teach and present God's nuggets for those attending to glean from. I highly recommend her.

Submitted by Btf Medical Billing Services on Thursday, Dec 15, 2016

Rev. Kim McKay-White

I have known Lois for several years and have always been very inspired and blessed by her messages. I would highly recommend her for any conferences or other events your church or organization is planning.

Submitted by Kingdom Child Ministries on Saturday, Dec 10, 2016