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Deb Copeland Recommendations

Submitted by Women's Club on 08/16/2019

Joan Balog, RN, MSN, CARN

On Topic

I have heard Deb Copeland speak at numerous events over the last 5 years, at women's events in casual and formal settings. She is poised, articulate, responsive to her audience, and able to use humor and personal revelation to reach each listener. In one hour I have witnessed women laughing as Deb relates to some universal experience we all share. In the same session, we will all have tears as we again relate to something emotional. She has the gift of transparency that breaks down barriers and bridges divides. In the role of President of a Women's Club of 500 members, I had engaged Deb to speak on the subject of New Year Resolutions and Personal Transformation. The women had nothing but positive feedback on her presentation and many women bought her books there. Deb Copeland is one of the brightest and most endearing women I have ever known and I am blessed to be within her circle of influence.

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Angel Rice

It was an honor and joy to have Deb Copeland speak at our Ladies Retreat. She ministered to us with great passion and wisdom.

Submitted by Mill Creek Church Of God on 02/03/2022

Sue Gullett

She spoke twice to our ladies ministry group and oh what a blessing. She holds your attention from beginning to end. I would recommend her highly!

Submitted by Mill Creek Church Of God on 11/06/2019

Betty Poppell Cason

I am finishing reading Deb's Copeland first book "Attitude Therapy".
The knowledge and wisdom she shows in her writing to address practical life issues is so meaningful. I would very much like to attend a Bible Study led by Deb or lead a small group study using her book. I'm already looking forward to reading other books she has written.

Submitted by Central Church Hilton Head, Sc on 10/08/2019

Rev. Barry Moll

In my experience of Deb as her pastor, as a colleague, and as a friend, I have found her to be refreshingly authentic, focused on others and their needs and gifted with the rare ability to focus on what is truly valuable and still function within today’s business and social worlds. The message she shares with others begins with finding and giving yourself to what is truly valuable. Upon that discovery, she urges us towards organizing our lives and living for the very things that will give our lives meaning and fulfill our lives’ purposes. What more could one hope to achieve?! It is in such pursuit that we find God’s grace and the power to live differently and see others in ways that value who they are and were made to be!

Submitted by United Methodist on 08/22/2019

Glyndal Partington, Team Leader

Deb Copeland spoke our Ladies' Conference this past March. It was well attended and Deb did a great job speaking to us about “Our Identity in Christ". One of the things I especially appreciated about Deb is her love and knowledge of the Word. We knew that God was speaking to us through her! Deb is a real communicator - it was very obvious that she cares deeply for women and their needs. That really came across and it encouraged a lot of participation. At the end of the second day, we went around the room and almost every single woman had something to say about what they had gotten out of our time together! It was truly a successful weekend and we look forward to having Deb back!

Submitted by Grace Community Church's Ladies Ministry on 08/22/2019

Gina A Teresi, DPM, FACFAS

The first time I walked into a room and heard Deb Copeland speak I knew she had a gift. I knew no one else in the place, but was invited to participate in this book study. A woman was baring her soul to the group about her current situation which was grim. She was tearful and visibly upset. This did not put off Deb Copeland as she took command of the situation with words that could move a mountain. Words that came from a soul filled with strength and faith in the living God. I was awestruck at the power and depth of the moment. After this book study, I came back week after week as women, led by Deb, explored, studied, socialized and experienced life together. Deb is a talented speaker, author, teacher and student of life. She teaches us and learns with us. I am so glad to be her fellow lifelong learner on the road of life and grateful for her talents and friendship.

Submitted by Gina A Teresi on 08/20/2019

Lynn Payne

Deb is an Oprah-like force. She has overcome many obstacles in her life, only to come out stronger. Through her leadership, I have been brought closer to Christ. Deb has a warmth that sees the good buried within us and a magnetic influence that inspires us to be more Christlike.

Lynn Payne

Charleston, WV

Submitted by Lynn Payne on 08/20/2019

Michael Carr, Lead Pastor

Deb Copeland an accomplished, engaging and enlightening speaker. Our leadership team invited her to share recently with great results! Her experience and experiences give her the ability to relate to a diverse audience. Her ability to connect with people is almost organic. Deb will bring transparency, authenticity and professionalism to virtually any gathering of people who want to be enriched through a guest speaker.

Submitted by Central Church, Hilton Head, Sc on 08/15/2019