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Lynn Bell Pechuekonis Recommendations

Submitted by Christ Presbyterian Church, Richmond, VA on 10/30/2015

Deborah Freeman

On Topic

Lynn Bell was a recent speaker at our women’s retreat. I appreciated the messages she brought to us from Scripture about women in the Bible and their encounters with Jesus. One of the things I really loved was that her teachings were very interactive and had a lot of questions for us to think about and apply to our own lives. But the thing I most appreciated about Lynn is that she shared her own story with us and how Jesus has encountered her. I would have gone away from the weekend thinking the teaching was good but it takes it to another level to hear what someone has walked through and that they are having to live out what they are teaching. This is not just a good Bible study or a retelling of great Bible stories. These are things Lynn is encountering firsthand from the Gentle Savior Himself. That makes me leave the weekend saying that was a great teaching and a great teacher.

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Cindy DeNome

Lynn Bell spoke for a women’s retreat I recently attended. I had never met Lynn and did not know what to expect. I was excited to see what she and the Lord were about to share with me. I was not in the least disappointed. I found Lynn to be very knowledgeable, warm and compassionate. She is a gifted teacher. I have been reading and studying God’s Word for most of my life but had not really explored the ideas Lynn presented regarding Jesus’ relationships with the women he came in contact with. Her lessons were informative and applicable to what we as women deal with in today’s society. The questions Lynn provided for our group discussions were challenging and thoughtful. She inspired me to further explore how Jesus views women. Lynn was a true blessing and I am thankful to have been a part of the “Sisters in Christ” weekend.

Submitted by West Waynesboro Church Of Christ on 11/13/2015

Christi Martin

Lynn's knowledge and presentation of the encounters that Jesus had with women was powerful. It has changed how I view myself under the umbrella of grace and how I view other women. Her presentation was thought-provoking and engaging. The ladies at the retreat really enjoyed the time to break out into groups and answer the questions that Lynn provided. The personal devotional she created helped participants dig even deeper. It was a great weekend of being "Sisters in Christ and Sisters of Christ." We are so thankful that Lynn was able to share with us. It was truly a blessing.

Submitted by Cherry Avenue Christian Church on 11/08/2015

Steve Malone, Pastor

Lynn Bell is one of the core members of Maple Grove Christian Church. She has an incredible passion for the Lord and His people, especially young people and women who have been through crisis. I had the opportunity to go on a mission to Mexico during the summer, and I saw Lynn's servant heart in action. Lynn has a genuine and gentle spirit and a warm and inviting presence about her. During the mission to Mexico Lynn led our team's nightly devotions and did a awesome job helping us to keep Christ at the center of our efforts.

Submitted by Maple Grove Christian Church on 10/30/2015

Alina Rich, Retreat Coordinator, Women's Ministry Team

"We were so delighted to have Lynn speak at our Women’s Retreat! From the start she was wonderful to work with as she developed handouts for us, listened to our specific needs and made every effort to bring God’s truth to our ladies. Lynn was organized and prepared with prewritten notes and power point slides that added a multimedia dimension to her talk. She presented questions and allowed time for discussion that provided a very dynamic element to the presentations.

Above all of these visual and interactive parts of her talk, Lynn very simply and honestly presented Biblical truth to a hungry audience. She laid out example after example of God’s love for women shown through Jesus’s interactions with them. She challenged all of us to look at how we treat and interact with other women and to honestly ask ourselves if we see, love and accept our sisters as Jesus does."

Submitted by Discovery Christian Church, Broomfield, Co on 10/30/2015