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Robyn Dykstra Recommendations

Submitted by Vineyard Church on 10/30/2015

Ray Befus Jr., Pastor

On Topic

Over several years Robyn has demonstrated faithful leadership and fruitful kingdom ministry among women in this church. She models and communicates a winsome vitality, a consistent commitment to excellence, and unshakable confidence in God's Word. Here in her home church, Robyn continues to put her finger prints all over the lives of young women who find Robyn to be a faithful friend, an engaging speaker, and an inspiring life-coach. Her presentations are lively, full of faith, and biblically relevant to the lives of contemporary women looking for fresh hope and direction.

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Crystal Bowman, Best-Selling Author And National Conference Speaker

Women will be deeply touched and inspired by Robyn's incredible journey through years of tragedy. Packed with energy and humor, her stories will remind women of all ages that joy can be found in the midst of trials. Her deep faith in God and her passion for living will encourage women to search their own hearts and find the peace and joy that God intends for us to have.

Submitted by Best-selling Author And National Conference Speaker on 03/09/2022

Shannon Popkin, Author And Speaker

God has given Robyn an amazing story of transformation, and the gifts to share it well. She is articulate, passionate about Jesus, funny, and compelling. Robyn inspires each audience to take powerful steps forward in their Jesus-following journey.

Submitted by on 08/30/2021

Del Bates

Vibrant! Full of Life! Robyn is a dynamic and engaging speaker wherever she goes. She makes you feel like you're the only one in the room; like she's speaking just to you. And funny, oh yes! One of the best speakers we've ever had at out Aglow meetings in Vero Beach Fl.

Submitted by Vero Beach Aglow on 08/24/2019

Chrisann Fitzgerald, Retreat Coordinator

2 thumbs up! And if I had more thumbs, they'd be up too! Robyn hits the mark every time, as she speaks with conviction, humor, and transparency, deeply rooted in scripture. She has an innate gift of following the Holy Spirit's lead. Robyn is an all-time favorite, as she is able to speak to the heart of women, regardless of the topic. She is sure to bless and challenge women, of all ages, to a higher level of their Christian walk in a practical way.

Submitted by Retreat Coordinator on 07/05/2019