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Micca Campbell

Christian Speaker
Goodlettsville Tennessee 37072

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"Surrender increases my space for God. Greater the space the more I am filled with Him." Micca Campbell

"Surrender increases my space for God. Greater the space the more I am filled with Him." Micca Campbell

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Position Christian Woman Speaker
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Goodlettsville, TN 37072
United States

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  • Salvation Date
  • 1972
  • Home Church
  • Long Hollow Church
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More About Micca Campbell

Micca Campbell is an author, speaker and bible-teacher with Proverbs 31 Ministries. She is a wife to Pat and mother of three. She is a real woman who trusts in a real God to bring her through real life challenges. 

Micca lives to brag on Jesus! Her passion is to encourage and empower others to live a God-inspired life that far exceeds their limits.

Micca believes her ministry thrives from the overflow of her relationship with God. Through that union, Micca’s messages help women…

  • Fear less and live more in the fullness of Christ
  • Experience the Presence and power of God in their everyday life
  • Overcome life’s obstacles and reach their full potential in Christ
  • Look to Jesus who is the hope and healer of all wounds

Micca also knows what it is to hurt deeply. After a house fire claimed the life of her husband, Micca found herself alone, a new mother, and a widow at the age of 21. Having faced every woman’s greatest fear, Micca found ultimate peace by placing her cares in the care of God. Her story breaths new hope into every hurting heart.

She is the author of An Untroubled Heart: Finding A Faith Stronger Than All My Fears. Micca has also contributed to several books including Real-Life Devotional Bible for Women, Encouragement for Today, God’s Purpose For Every Woman, For the Write Reason, and The Reason We Speak. Currently, Micca is working on her next project.

Micca has shared her passion and story through radio and television appearances. In 2014, she appeared on the cover of Today’s Christian Living Magazine, and was named “Mother of the Year,” by ParentLife Magazine in 2004. An honor her children still find humorous to this day.

Micca’s topics are relevant and real. As a master storyteller, she’s convinced God uses her offbeat, crazy life to provide modern day illustrations for His timeless truths women of all ages can relate to. Her sense of humor brings down walls of resistance allowing the Word to penetrate every heart. Her evangelistic style moves hearts toward Christ and His saving grace.

Micca resides in Nashville, TN with her husband and their three children.

Micca Campbell Speaking Topics

Gracefully Broken

Broken things are branded useless in the world’s eyes. Once an item is ruined it becomes damaged goods and is discarded. In the same way, when our hopes and dreams are smashed,...

The Wonder of Christmas

Anticipating ChristmasOur visions of Christmas are enchanting. The snow. The Christmas carols. The decorations. The parties. Family. And expectations. But when our idealized pictures...

Posted by Micca Campbell on 03/27/2018

Cultivating a Heart of Contentment

Finding Contentment Life is so full of pressure that contentment often feels out of reach. Then again, what if I told you lasting contentment could by yours? What if you knew...

Living Without Limits

Fear Less. Live More! (Micca’s Book)What if you could have a faith stronger than all your fear? During Micca’s darkest days, she discovered God’s remedy for our deepest...

Micca Campbell Events

Micca Campbell Resources

5 Steps For Mending A Broken-heart

One reason God sent Jesus to Earth was to bind up the wounds of the broken-hearted. Since healing broken hearts made the list of Jesus’ earthly ministry, I assume there must have been a great need of comfort before His arrival. I was right which doesn’t happen often. I didn’t have to look far to find the first broken heart. Eve. She was the first mother to grieve over the first death, her son. In our society, being first is a high honor. Everyone want to be “first” to win the race, make the grade or gain the prize for eating the most hotdogs. Well, it’s rewarding...

Posted by Micca Campbell on 04/19/2018

Book: An Untroubled Heart: Finding a Faith Greater Than All My Fear

Today's world is anything but secure. We live in unstable times filled with conflict, economic uncertainties, and moral collapse. An because life is so unpredictable, fear and anxiety can become a daily reality.  Micca Campbell knows all too well the unpredictable nature of life. As the twenty-one-year-old mother of an infant son, her world was shattered when she lost her husband in a tragic accident. Reeling from her loss, Micca fears for her future and struggled to overcome her aching loneliness. Yet, in her darkest hours, God began to teach her His remedy for our deepest fears. ...

Posted by Micca Campbell on 03/27/2018

Micca Campbell Recommendations

Submitted by Women's Ministry Leader on Tuesday, Oct 16, 2018

Kaythryn Wansong

WOW! We were so blessed by our visit with Micca Campbell!!! She really brought a wonderful message from God that just touched the hearts of all of our women!! I have gotten rave reviews from even our toughest critics and some have said it was our best conference ever!!! She was just the speaker God had in mind for our women this year!

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