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Forshia Ross Recommendations

Submitted by Deaf Dimensions Ministries on 11/15/2019

Rev. Mary Earl, President

On Topic

Foshia Ross is a dynamic woman of God. She is sensitive to the Holy Spirit and the needs of her audience. I have ministered with Forshia several times and found her to be a humble, wise vessel with a servant’s heart. She speaks with authority and grace. Her sensitivity to people and transparency has caused women who are listening to receive all that God has for them. Because of her experiences of her life and how the Lord has ministered to her, she can relate to many who are hurting. Her main goal is for people to know Jesus as Savior, Lord, and Healer. I recommend her highly for one of the speakers of your convention.

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Pastor Dave Marquard

Having worked with Forshia over the past 9 years, I can say that she is a warm and kind individual who brings forth God's message to a lost and dying world. She works to reach many who have had difficult pasts and brings healing from the heart of God. Her knowledge of the Word of God is deep and practical. I would comfortably and sincerely recommend Pastor Forshia for any conference or speaking engagement knowing that she would bring forth God's grace and power.

Submitted by Praise Tabernacle North on 12/10/2021

Rev. Jim Cooper, Jr.

I have had the privilege of serving Forshia as her Lead Pastor and have really appreciated the gift that she is to our local church. Forshia has a prophetic voice that points sharply towards the heart of many issues yet honors the practical protocols of submitting her gift as a service to the church. The fact that she ministers this way makes her both dynamic and safe. She truly comes and gives as a servant of the Lord.

Submitted by Faith Fellowship Church on 03/10/2017

Pastor Gil Parmley, Senior Pastor

I write to you today to highly recommend Forshia Ross. She is a wonderful asset to our ministry here at Faith Fellowship Church, she is committed, a servant, brings experience and wisdom from a true walk with the Lord. It is very evident that she adores the Lord, and is so willing and called to share her testimony and life with many people as whom the Lord puts in front of her. She is a gifted teacher and inspirational speaker, dedicated to sharing the Good News through any avenue the Lord opens up, radio, television, YouTube, etc. It is with my full recommendation and support and hope that you would have Forshia Ross as your next speaker. You will not regret it in any way. God Bless you.

Submitted by Faith Fellowship Foursquare Church on 10/31/2015

Pastor Virginia Lunt, Director

I have known Forshia for almost ten years. Forshia is a licensed and ordained minister with the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel. It was my privilege to coach her through this process and I can attest to the fact that she is well grounded in the Word of God and the practical applications of the Scripture.Forshia has both prophetic and teaching gifts. Her style is relaxed and straightforward. She often uses mundane, everyday events to bring forth a gem of truth from the Bible applying it so that it is easily understood.I have found Forshia to be a dependable woman of God. She is open about her life and testimony and frank about her past. God is truly glorified through the miraculous healing and transformation that He has given to this servant. I would recommend that you read her book, No Second Hand Rose and The Wilderness Shall Blossom Like the Rose.It is a pleasure for me to recommend Forshia Ross as a speaker.

Submitted by New England Foursquare Bible Institute on 10/31/2015