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Jessie Colwell, Pastor

Denise is a confident and engaging speaker. She draws the audience in with her personal stories and also relates the Bible to every day life. Her authenticity is inspiring and she gives practical things for the audience to think about. Whether she is leading a retreat on her most recent book, "Shame Off You," or if she is leading a woman's conference on another topic, she can always be trusted to prepare and deliver a solid, biblical and motivating message. She is also an incredible worship leader.

Submitted by The United Methodist Church on Wednesday, Aug 14, 2019

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Denise Pass Most Recent Recommendations

Teresa Murnock

Denise is authentic in her walk with our Father and navigating life. Her desire to be an instrument of spiritual healing resonates through all she does. She is a joy to be near and treasure to know.

Submitted by Culpeper United Methodist on Friday, Aug 09, 2019

Fred Milacci, Professor and Interim Pastor

“Denise’s depth as an author, speaker and worship leader is needed in the body of Christ today. Her message is unique and refreshing, a catalyst for revival.”

Submitted by Liberty University And Sbcv on Friday, Aug 09, 2019

Doreen Gumas, Women's Ministry Leader

"I thank God for Denise Pass and her family, who are all multi-talented musicians. As truly humble servants of The LORD, giving Him all the glory and praise, they led us into His Holy Spirit’s Peaceful Presence. Denise’s lovely singing and keyboard skills made her family’s music ministry outstanding. Her spoken Words of Truth and encouragement were inspired at perfect moments during worship. My friends and I were able to basque in His Presence, like Mary sitting at the feet of Jesus. Denise drew us into that holy place of dwelling in the house of the LORD, which was the theme and goal of our retreat teachings. When I wrote Denise and her family a thank-you email for blessing our women’s retreat like no one has done before, her humble reply was: 'But I have a secret . . . it was the Holy Spirit who overwhelmed us with His sweet presence and the responsiveness you all had in worship is what made it extra special, too! My family was grateful for the opportunity.’ “

Submitted by Cedar Run Community Church on Friday, Aug 09, 2019

Adriana Mendes

We had the privilege of having Denise speak at our 2018 Restore Women’s conference. Denise is multitalented; a wonderful writer, singer and inspirational speaker. Her “shame off” message is deep and comes right from her personal experience of dealing with pain and God’s restoration power which made it very relatable and touched the lives of many women at the conference. Planning a women’s conference requires lots of details from speaker, to sound, to worship and Denise was so kind always asking if there was something she could help us with to ensure that we had everything we needed for a successful conference. Adriana Mendes – Crossway Christian Church, Nashua, NH.

Submitted by Crossway Christian Church In Nashua, Nh on Friday, Aug 09, 2019

Pastor Catherine T Parker

Denise Pass is a highly anointed woman of God using all that God has allowed her to travel through. Her openness and willingness to share her life’s trials and tribulations, hurts, wounds, scars and results of healing has blessed so many. She shares not only her growth but her weaknesses. Her seminars and conferences are exceptional. Her heart of worship is so evident. The sweetness of her sincere love for God and others cause other to desire to know him better. She has graciously been to our ministry twice and will return soon to bless us again. The topics she brings enables others to know that they, too, need to allow God to work within their lives not only to bless others but to allow God to heal them from within. The amount of herself that she gives, the energy exerted and the dedication can only be propelled through her genuine love for and desire to please Jesus. To know her is to love her... the awesomeness of our God Who dwells within her.

Submitted by Higher Praise Christian Ministries on Thursday, Aug 08, 2019