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Melissa Pearce Recommendations

Submitted by Women's Connection on 09/28/2018

Ginny Gates, Bible Study Leader

On Topic

I have attended conferences as well as other events and retreats held by churches and other organizations where Melissa was the speaker. Melissa has a heart for women and their identity in Christ. Whether it is a large group or a small group, Melissa’s message is always Spirit-led and Spirit-filled. She can relate to her audience – no matter the ages or backgrounds -- and reach their hearts. Her teachings/presentations are always inspiring, engaging, and from her heart. I would highly recommend Melissa for any event – large or small! You won’t be disappointed!

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Deb Sompel

I have had the opportunity to hear Melissa speak many times. She has a unique way of connecting with her audience which makes you feel as if you have known her for years. Her true heart for the broken, lost and/or struggling shines through . . . she sincerely cares for each and every person she encounters.

Submitted by Least Of These Ministy on 01/25/2022

Rev. Tracie Morelli

I met Melissa while taking classes at Greater Works Bible School. I can say we laughed, cried, learned and grew together. She walks out the love of Christ. I appreciate her honesty, humility and hunger for Christ. Her ability and anointing to equip the Body of Christ creates an atmosphere for transformation. She is a trusted and loyal friend and I highly recommend her to be your keynote speaker.

Submitted by Wisdom Of God Ministries on 09/02/2021

Ray Domachowski

It is with absolute confidence and a great respect & honor that I submit this letter of reference for Melissa Pearce. I originally meet Melissa in my business role and quickly shared with her that God had greater plans for her life. Over that timeframe I have a developed a great respect for her character, integrity and servant leadership abilities. I’ve been very fortunate to walk on this journey with her and see how God is establishing her and EHM ministry. I’ve been one of the founding Executive Board members for last six years and watched how God has fashioned her into His precious gift for His creation to receive love of Christ through her and the EHM ministry. During this journey, God has launched her into His areas of passion to declare His love in demonstration and power.

She continues to touch the lives on so many, no matter the age, social / financial status or religious affiliation due to the touch of Jesus Christ on her life.

Submitted by Atos on 09/28/2016

Elissa Chabassol

Melissa is a wonderful woman of God. I've seen her speak several times, and she is powerful, Biblical, and filled with God's joy and purpose to bring the Good News of Jesus to every person in attendance. I would highly recommend her as a speaker for your next event. God has used her mightily to touch my life, and the lives of many others. You won't be disappointed!

Submitted by Rock Of Ages Messianic Jewish Congregation, Pittsburgh (north Hills), Pa on 01/07/2016

Mary Beth Pecora

I am writing to recommend my dear friend, Rev. Melissa Pearce. I can say, with confidence, she is woman of integrity and honesty, who loves God and people with all of her heart. She is a committed, fully devoted, Spirit-filled teacher, encourager and trusted friend to many! Her passion for Jesus is evident in every aspect of her life! It is an honor to know her and serve the Lord with her! Her character reflects the true Agape love of the Lord, and is the real deal!!! In her ministry, her humility is released as she always gives thanksgiving to God, when He moves on behalf of his people. Everything she does reflects the Lord and Savior she serves! So it is with much pleasure I am writing this, for my friend! In the Precious Love of the Lord,

Submitted by (former President) Of Eastgate Aglow Community Lighthouse on 01/01/2016

Martha Anderson, Prayer Team and Small Group Leader

Melissa has a way of getting to the heart with compassion and truth. There is always teaching in her messages. You can be assured that hearts will be touched. I have attended many conferences where Melissa was the key speaker and I highly recommend Melissa Pearce.

Submitted by Cornerstone Ministries on 12/22/2015

Cindy Dell, Asst. Director of Mktg & Special Events

Melissa is a great scholar and teacher of the Word, a great encourager and a caring shepherd of those whom she serves.
I attended a conference in 2013 that helped to kick off my personal journey of identifying my next calling by the Lord. Melissa prayed one on one for me. And it was just like the Lord to bring us together as friends a little more than a year later. She has been a great mentor to me.

Submitted by Urban Impact Foundation on 12/19/2015

Laura Ankrom

Melissa is very open and honest with her life and how God has done an amazing transforming work in her! Her authentic style is refreshing in a world where air-brushed lives are more the norm! She looks to scripture as her only source of guidance and truth and this is exactly what we need as we strive to be the best women God has called us to be.

Submitted by The Bible Chapel on 12/17/2015

Laura Ankrom

Melissa is very open and honest with her life and how God has done an amazing transforming work in her! Her authentic style is refreshing in a world where air-brushed lives are more the norm! She looks to scripture as her only source of guidance and truth and this is exactly what we need as we strive to be the best women God has called us to be.

Submitted by The Bible Chapel on 12/17/2015

Robert Steen

I have not encountered someone more passionate about sharing the Gospel. Melissa has a great personal testimony and finds true joy in speaking with others in a small setting or large conference. She is a true conduit for what is on our Lord’s heart. Melissa prepares her message by listening to what God wants to share and I am always amazed how spot on the words are based on what the audience needs to hear.

Submitted by Crossroads Umc on 12/16/2015

Pastor Mark Thomas, Pastor Of Discipleship And Outreach

Melissa is a member in good standing at Cornerstone Ministries and she and her husband, Ron, attend services on a regular basis and are both active in local ministry. Melissa serves as part of our Women’s Connection leadership team and heads up our Wednesday night women’s program along with annual retreat planning. She is a gifted teacher and administrator. Melissa’s greatest strength is mentoring and relationship building which manifests itself in a solid team of women around our Wednesday night women’s studies. I have known Melissa for over five years and find her to be a person of upstanding character. She has a passion for understanding the Scriptures and applying biblical insight in living out her Christian faith.

Submitted by Cornerstone Ministries on 11/02/2015

Susan LeCornu, Director

Please consider this a wholehearted recommendation for Melissa Pearce, President of Enduring Hope Ministries. Melissa is a gifted teacher, speaker, encourager and minister to women. She is a real woman, that is, she can relate to the women of today with her own experience and the wisdom gained from being a student and lover of God’s Word. Melissa is a listener, a generous conversationalist, devoted to God’s truth and energetic to respond to the calling that he has placed on her to share with women of all ages and backgrounds the vision of worth, esteem, healing, and balance in the Lord Jesus Christ. She makes no apologies either! As a former Director of Women’s Ministry at a large non-denominational church, I have some experience in joyful and deep programming, Melissa is a great choice for that!

Submitted by Director Of Development Family Guidance, Inc. Sewickley, Pa on 11/02/2015

Megan Krimmel, Communications Director

In the two and half short years that I have known Melissa Pearce, I can say with complete confidence that she is the most passionate Christian woman I have ever met. Let me be the first to tell you what an impact she has made on my life – and how God does and will use her to transform any individual’s life that she touches. Melissa interacts with women in a fearlessly challenging, yet encouragingly personal way. As the Communications Director of our large 2000 member church, I have watched her care for and lead hundreds of women with wisdom, boldness, and humility whether in a large conference setting or a smaller Bible study group. As a young woman who admires her as a mentor, mother-figure, and dear personal friend, I have been personally touched by her compassion, patience, and deep personal relationship with Jesus Christ. In a group of any size, her outstanding knowledge of Biblical truth coupled with her deep personal concern for individual life change....

Submitted by Cornerstone Ministries on 11/02/2015

Joni Good

Melissa Pearce has the ability to not just teach the bible, but show you how to have a personal relationship with the Lord through the bible.

Submitted by Joni Good on 11/02/2015