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Angela Alexander Recommendations

Submitted by Lifebuilders Corona Valley on Tuesday, Jan 15, 2019

Lisa Castro, Team Leader

On Topic

Angela has an amazing testimony that moves hearts and fills all with hope. Her life experiences propel you to press in and onward through all of your complex situation and sudden mishaps in this life. She is a dynamic and engaging speaker that truly loves her audience. She is also a excellent writer. When you pick up her book, you don’t want to put it down until it’s done. If you haven’t already invited her to come speak at your event, I recommend that you do. You will be tremendously overjoyed and honored you did!

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Shalice Shah-Caldwell / President

The Northern District COGS Sisterhood invited Sis. Angela to be our Keynote Speaker during our retreat in Detroit, MI. This remarkable Woman of God delivered a testimony (MIRACLES IN ACTION) that left not a dry eye in the house. Her spirit is so gentle, warm, friendly, very personable you can tell that she really has a thirst for the Lord and His Word. Angela’s spirit leaves you with the feeling that she is a true family member of yours as opposed to just being your Sister in Christ. I would recommend anyone that is looking for an awesome, dynamic, spiritual speaker to book her for your event. Our only regret was that we had not book her sooner. Everyone who attended our retreat (men and women) are still talking about how dynamic she was, how the Spirit was definitely in the room. Thank God for Sister Angela Alexander.

Submitted by Northern District Cog Sisterhood on Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Linda Groth, President

We wholeheartedly would recommend Angela as a speaker, because her message is mesmerizing and so filled with God's power that I received only positive remarks regarding her testimony.

Submitted by The Salvation Army Women's Auxiliary on Friday, Jan 25, 2019

Anita Starks, President

It is my pleasure to give a recommendation for Mrs. Angela Alexander. I’ve known Angela over 15 years, and so proud to watch how the Lord has moved in her life and how obedient and committed she is to His word.
The telling of her personal journey filled the room with tears. That was before encouraging you to stay faithful in the mist of such tragedy. She said, “by staying faithful there will be comfort, joy and even laughter brought to your heart. A joy that only God can bring”. She knows, because she has lived it.
Angela, is so engaging. I literally wanted to jump out of my seat and give her a hug. The entire room was captivated and clung to her every word. At one point there was not a dry eye in the room. And, the next few moments the room was filled with laughter followed by a standing ovation.
Angela has such a story to tell. One that speaks of the ups and downs of life, and how God is found (even when we’re not looking) in the middle of life’s chaos to comfort us.

Submitted by Get2ten Consulting Inc. on Sunday, Jan 20, 2019

Helen Lee, Chair

Angela spoke at our Veteran's Luncheon in November. There were approximately 60 ladies in attendance and 7 veterans. Everyone was very moved by her story. God has really blessed her in a special way to enable her to share her story and touch so many hearts. The love of Jesus is very evident in her life.

Submitted by Rancho Cucamonga Christian Women's Connection on Thursday, Jan 10, 2019

Babbie Mason

Angela's story is compelling, powerful, heartbreaking and miraculous all rolled into one. From the moment you hear her story you become aware of how big God really is.

Submitted by Babbie Mason Ministries on Thursday, Jan 03, 2019

Author, singer, speaker Laura Diehl

I hosted a Virtual Summit in 2017 for grieving parents, in which Angela Alexander was one of the 15 speakers. She was one of the top three favorites, as I heard back from many of the parents how much they appreciated her message and the hope she gave them.

Submitted by Grieving Parents Sharing Hope (gps Hope) Cofounder on Wednesday, Jan 02, 2019

Carol Ross-Burnett

Angela Alexander is a dynamic speaker with a powerful testimony. Her story of how she found peace in the mist of horrific tragedy is a great encouragement to all who hear it or read her book. One only needs to see and hear Angela to be certain that she has a calling on her life to share the peace of God that passes all understanding, especially with those who are experiencing loss and grief. Angela was a speaker at my 2018 workshop for Christian authors and speakers. Even though I’ve heard her testimony numerous times before, she never fails to move me as she offers the assurance that God is always with us through it all. I heartily recommend Angela as a speaker. All who hear her will be blessed, edified and inspired.

Submitted by The Platform For Christian Artists on Wednesday, Jan 02, 2019

Joy Ware Miller- Founder

I highly recommend Angela Alexander as a Keynote Speaker for many reasons. Angela is authentic and a wonderful storyteller. Her story is non-fiction, however it is so unbelievable...the audience remains engaged from her first hello. Throughout Angela's presentation...she masterfully weaves in family, trust, hope and grace which definitely proves "Miracles in Action."
Angela's true-life dramatic story...is powerful, captivating and leaves the audience very hopeful. You will enjoy meeting Angela!

Submitted by Helping Hurting Hearts Heal on Tuesday, Jan 01, 2019

Elizabeth Cox

Everyone was so pleased, many commented about how they thought this was the best Christmas Dessert we ever had. I only heard positive comments about Angela and her presentation. It truly was a perfect night. We dedicated the night to Christ and heard her touching and moving testimony. We truly couldn’t have asked for anything more.

Submitted by Canyon Hills Friends Church on Tuesday, Jan 01, 2019