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Debby Sellers Recommendations

Submitted by Pastor on 04/09/2020

Dr. Ronnie W. Floyd

On Topic

Debby shares from her life that has been so blessed by the Lord. She understands "small town America," for that is where she was raised. She understands the "life of a wife and mother" and will have much to share from this important segment of her life. She understands struggles and personal pain," and will share from a heart of brokenness. She understands "life in the church" and has demonstrated remarkable churchmanship all these years. Debby is "the real deal," so please consider using her soon.

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Gina Franzke, Pre-School Minister & Director Of Women's Ministry

I am amazed that during these years of continual change and transition, God was been writing a song on Debby's heart. At first she did not accept it because the etching of her Heavenly Father's pen was too painful. Now, she has a beautiful "heart-song" to sing. It is coming out from her and she can not keep it quiet. God is using "His Song" to bring life change into the hearts and lives of many women across the country.

Submitted by Gina Franzke, Pre-school Minister & Director Of Women's Ministry on 11/02/2015

Mary Noble

The content of Debby's presentation was very meaningful, well thought out and she presented it with no notes whatsoever. She was recommended to our group by a friend and I am so thankful that we were able to get her to come and speak to our women. She really touched all of us! Although her delivery was excellent, I think the thing that impressed us the most, was the sincerity of her heart and the strong faith that she conveyed. She is truly a compassionate and exemplary Christian woman!

Submitted by Mary Noble on 11/02/2015