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Linda Rous

Christian Speaker
Seek and Find
Fairview Oklahoma 73737

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It's all about Jesus

It's all about Jesus

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Name Seek and Find
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Fairview, OK 73737
United States

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  • 1963
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  • Fairview Mennonite Brethren
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More About Linda Rous

A childhood unlike some and common to many.  I've been Christian from infant dedication but was my mother's prodigal who became the woman at the well.  I received Christ as a teen and again at age 35 - when I was finally ready.   I am a high school graduate and free lance artist for 50 years.  My education has been life itself.  My mission is to tell my story and give hope to others.  In the telling, I hope to teach the in depth, underlying, hidden messages in the Bible through understanding of the Hebrew Bible, language and culture.  I further hope to help to understand the relationship of our amazing "Abba" (Daddy) God.

I have a story of sexual child abuse, many wrong choices, attempted suicide and my rebirth through the amazing grace of God. Then, how God brought me back to health after liver failure.   Since then, my life no longer belongs to me but to God the Almighty.  I have served to free five Liberian girls from a home of severe child abuse, was a Child Liason with Bikers Against Child Abuse and began a ministry serving 450 Indian Children of northwest Oklahoma for seven years.

I want people to see how God is always with us and NEVER leaves us.  Heb. 13:5, Josh. 1:5

Life is hilarious and we need to stop taking it so serious.  I am petite, animated, positive and a senior citizen way younger than her age.  I am uplifting and encouraging with a laugh, or two, along the way.  Oh, did I mention confident?  LOL

Book in progress - "Evidence of God"

Training:  I study, on line, with Toastmasters International and TED Talks, along with the on line training through this web site.

* I have given two sermons in the past year at two Indian Baptist churches.  The first one explained the parable of the Wedding Banquet and the second was about Gentile  inheritance of the promises God made to Abraham.  

* Spoke at Oklahoma Indian Baptist Assoc. Annual Conference in Anadarko OK.  

* Speak to local retierment living women on an annual basis: "It Ain't Over 'til It's Over" and "Find the Humor".

* In 2015, I spoke at the MB Foundation Southern District Conference in Kansas City, "Celebrate 2015" and related my calling to a mission from God. 


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Linda Rous Speaking Topics

Meet My Therapist

Jesus understands women.  After all, He created our emotions, our hormones and our vulnerabilities.  (Is that a word?)We can cry to Him, pound our fists, throw something...

It's All About Jesus

From Genesis through the New Testament, I can show you, from original Hebrew text, how the entire Bible is about our beautiful Savior.  I use a large writing pad to show you hidden...


We have all heard about Esther, the woman at the well and Mary Magdalene but, there are so many obscure women of the Bible that were just as great, suffered for their beliefs and emerged...

I've Got a Rash

Like a bad rash with an awful itch, we allow our problems control over our lives.  When we rest, God takes control.  As long as WE keep trying to fix our problems, they...

Evidence of God

Linda gives her testimony of abuse, bad choices, attempted suicide and God's presence during the entire journey.  An "unbelievable" testimony of surviving and overcoming....

The Scarred Soul

Everyone has emotional scars.  You are not alone; we all have emotional baggage to live with.  Understand that we do not get over our trials but move through them.  ...

Hoof in Mouth Disease

A discourse on how the tongue gets us into trouble, how to better control it.  Find the amazing purpose for this appendage and how to use it to glorify God and improves our lives.Ref:...

Linda Rous Events

Linda Rous Resources

"Worthless Old Lady" (from Blog)

Do you feel like a worthless old lady?  Is your nest empty?  Do your children live in another town or state?  Do your grandchildren think you are old fashion?  Do you wander through the day from meal to meal?  Does it seem like all you have to do is watch the clock for your next pill?  Do you avoid your friends because they just complain?  Are you too involved with what others are doing to live their life?  Do you feel no one wants you, you are worthless? STOP IT   ! ! ! ! This is a wonderful time of your life.  You are no longer on someone else's...

Posted by Linda Rous on 12/21/2018

"My Story" (from blog)

 I once offered to give my testimony in church.  My pastor, at the time, had me jot down some highlights for review.  He called me into his study and denied my request on the grounds that "no one will believe it"  -  ?  Huh?   I know that I have had an active life of varied interests, jobs, a career and, as stated before, great changes.  I am also far past retirement age, so it has been a rather lengthy life.  The longer your life, the more stuff happens!  To keep this writing within some boundaries, I am using key words in summary...

Posted by Linda Rous on 12/21/2018

Linda Rous Recommendations

Submitted by Beulah Church Of God on Tuesday, Apr 16, 2019

Patricia Campbell

I recently went to the conference in Fairview, Ok. It was a great conference!! Linda Rous did a wonderful job speaking!! She made an impact on the lives of me and the three women with me. I recommend her for speaking for any speaking opportunity that is available. We have ask her to come to Alabama and speak at our home church as well as another church in May.

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Submitted by Friend on Wednesday, Jan 09, 2019

Janice Wichert

Linda is a great energetic person. She has a fun personality and loves people and children. Loves to study her Bible including checking out the meaning of words in the Hebrew and Greek language. She gets so excited when she discovers something new from the Hebrew and Greek language. She's had lots of life experiences good and bad and many problems with her health, but always looks on the positive side of life. Giving God the glory in everything. I've been blessed with her friendship. I think any group of women would really enjoy listening to her.

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Submitted by Fairview Fellowship Home on Friday, Dec 21, 2018

LaDonna Pembrook

Linda is a very talented speaker, artist, servant in our church, as well as the founder of a 501c organization called Moccasin Children, which served our area for 7 years. She faithfully served the Native American children and widows in our area, supplying them with food, clothing, and resources. I also work with Senior Adults and we were able to pool our resources and our Senior ladies made many items for "her children". Through this work, Linda came to speak to our ladies and also became friends with many of them. Linda is very God fearing, enthusiastic, fun, has a heart for people and ministry, and is a gifted speaker. She has been through many life experiences herself, so she has so much to share and relate to others about life and how God has helped her through the challenges in her own life. Linda is also very gifted in various types of art, which is a plus! God has certainly blessed Linda in so many ways and she would be an asset to your ladies group experience.

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