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Linda Rous

Christian Speaker
Seek and Find
Fairview Oklahoma 73737

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It's all about Jesus

It's all about Jesus

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Name Seek and Find
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Fairview, OK 73737
United States

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  • 1963
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  • Fairview Mennonite Brethren
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More About Linda Rous

A childhood unlike some and common to many.  I've been Christian from infant dedication but was my mother's prodigal who became the woman at the well.  I received Christ as a teen and again at age 35.   My mission is to tell my story and give hope to others.  In the telling, I hope to teach the in depth, underlying hidden messages in the Bible through understanding of the Hebrew Bible, language and culture.  I further hope to help to understand the relationship of our amazing "Abba" (Daddy) God.

I have a story of sexual child abuse, many wrong choices, attempted suicide and my rebirth through the amazing grace of God. Then, how God brought me back to health after liver failure.  I want people to see how God is always with us and NEVER leaves us.  Heb. 13:5, Josh. 1:5

Life is hilarious and we need to stop taking it so serious.  I am petite, animated, positive and a senior citizen way younger than her age.  I am uplifting and encouraging with a laugh, or two, along the way.  Oh, did I mention confident?  LOL

Book in progress - "Evidence of God"

Training:  I study, on line, with Toastmasters International and TED Talks.

* I have given two sermons in the past year at two Indian Baptist churches.  The first one explained the parable of the Wedding Banquet and the second was about Gentile  inheritance of the promises God made to Abraham.  

* Spoke at Oklahoma Indian Baptist Assoc. Annual Conference in Anadarko OK.  

* Spoke to local assisted living women on "It Ain't Over 'til It's Over".

* In 2015, I spoke at the MB Foundation Southern District Conference in Kansas City, "Celebrate 2015"


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Linda Rous Speaking Topics

Scars On My Soul

Everyone has emotional scars.  You are not alone; we all have emotional baggage to live with.  Understand that we do not get over our trials but move through them.  ...

Warrior Woman

This message is a spiritual call to arms for women that references the great women of the Bible.  Find out what your Christian strengths are and how to apply them as apostles...

Hoof in Mouth Disease

A discourse on how the tongue gets us into trouble, how to better control it and the real purpose for this appendage and how to use it to glorify God and improves our lives.Ref: I...

I've Got A Rash

Like a bad rash with an awful itch, we allow our problems control over our lives.  When we rest, God takes control.  As long as we keep trying to fix our problems, they won't...

It's All About Jesus

From Genesis through the New Testament, Linda will show you, from Hebrew language and culture, how the entire Bible is about our Savior.  She uses a large writing pad to show...

Evidence of God

Linda relates her life of abuse, bad choices, attempted suicide and God's presence during the entire journey.  An "unbelievable" testimony.  This includes...

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Linda Rous Resources

BLOG: Seals of Hezekiah and Isaiah

I took a bus trip this past Sunday.   The trip was to the Armstrong Auditorium in Edmond Oklahoma; the middle area of this country.  About 24 of us went to see the maiden exhibit of two seals from the ancient world. There is not enough room here to tell you everything I learned but I will say, I got a big education about a part of the Bible that I had not yet studied.  In this report, I will attempt brevity.   These two seals were among other relics and interactive exhibits that incorporated historical, archeological and Biblical facts and brought them together to reinforce...

Posted by Linda Rous on 12/07/2018

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