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Gwendolyn Hayes

Christian Speaker
Fairlawn Ohio 44333

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Your Sun is Coming!

Your Sun is Coming!

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Fairlawn, OH 44333
United States

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  • Salvation Date
  • 1967
  • Home Church
  • Second Baptist Church of Akron
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  • Business Speaker, Conferences, Keynotes, Musician with CDs, Published Author, Retreats, Specialty Author, Workshops
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More About Gwendolyn Hayes

Gwendolyn is a licensed minister serving with the ministry team at Second Baptist Church in Akron, Ohio. She facilitates women's ministry activities at church, with nonprofits, and throughout the community . Gwendolyn's gospel CD, 'When He Touched Me', was nationally acknowledged for a spiritual wellness project. She is the author of 2 children books  and her new spiritual renewal book, ' GOD IS A WONDER: Bedside inspirations to nourish your Spirit'!  She is currently completing doctoral studies focused on church leadership. She has 2 outstanding adult children, a bouquet of grandchildren and lives, plays and worships in the northeast with her traveling chef husband, spiritual poet, and favorite prayer partner, husband, Ephrem. 

Living in today’s world can be a struggle. True? It can be full of tough situations. And we desire some remedies. And because it’s today’s situation, we want our remedy, the solution, the healing today. We are eager for those remedies. We always have our hand out for relief. We always asking for something for the pain. You’ve heard it, or said it, “Can you give me something for the pain?”.  Can you give me something for the pain of my loss, the pain of my lack, the pain in my relationships, the pain of my illness, and yes, the pain of my impossible situation. We want a quick fix. Can you give me something for my pain? 

Gwendolyn is here to share God’s word to hold on, because God is the answer to your pain. He is the Creator of your new joy, your new peace! Your sun is coming!

Gwendolyn's excitement every day is to do this work for the Lord.

Gwendolyn would be more than honored to spend time with you and your group.

Gwendolyn Hayes Speaking Topics

Your Sun is Coming

Learn the promises of God to you through His perfect word. A message of hope and encouragement to all. There is an urgency to know that God is still on the throne and His promises,...

Posted by Gwendolyn Hayes on 07/15/2019

The Value of A Complaint

The perks of ‘getting to know you, getting to know all about you’! in your Christian walk. Learn the benefits of hearing ‘not so good’ news....

Posted by Gwendolyn Hayes on 07/15/2019

The Art of Breathing Jesus

A breath of fresh air. Fresh breath… Is there a difference? Become more inspired by the fresh air of God’s promises and the joy of praising Him. Learn what happens when...

Posted by Gwendolyn Hayes on 07/15/2019

A Clear View of God

We desire to have to have a wonderful relationship with God. He has so much of a desire for us. We need to hear from Him. We need to see our purpose through Him. Move the view blockers...

Posted by Gwendolyn Hayes on 07/15/2019

The Forgiveness Factor- How’s that working for you?

Do you need to forgive someone? Have you been waiting 15 years for someone to say “I’m sorry” to you? What does “I’m sorry” really mean? Join Gwendolyn...

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