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Jeannie Vogel Recommendations

Submitted by IARBC on 03/28/2017

Jill Blunk, weekend coordinator

On Topic

We have had Jeannie speak at our Conference twice over the past few years and we always look forward to having her. She is a Bible true teacher, engaging, wise, funny, loves women's ministry, and most of all her love for Christ is evident. I highly recommend her. She is one of my favorite women's speakers.

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Robin Morse, Treasurer of NYSCWC

We recently had the pleasure of having Jeannie Vogel as our Main Speaker for our 2019 retreat. Let me just say what a blessing she was.
Jeannie is able to relate to women on every level. Life experience and many years in ministry have equipped her to be the type of speaker who can take scripture and make it come alive for you.
Our surveys showed that all of the women were quite pleased with all four sessions, small group time and personal talks with her. We will definately be inviting her to speak again in the future.

Submitted by New York State Christian Women's Conference on 08/12/2019

Rhonda Schultz, Pastor's Wife

I always enjoy hearing Jeannie speak! She is completely honest & transparent in her approach and causes women to desire a stronger walk with Christ.

Submitted by Randolph 1st Baptist Church on 07/17/2019

Darlene Bennett Ladies Ministry Director for my church

I have had the privilege of hearing Jeannie speak several times. A couple of different times at our state's Ladies Advance conferences and twice she has come to our small church in upstate NY halfway between Buffalo and Rochester to speak at a ladies fellowship. Her love for God and His Word are very evident every time she speaks. She is challenging and engages her audience. Following our events I have always received praise for inviting her to come. She is a favorite among our women. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND her for anyone looking for a great Biblical speaker!!

Submitted by First Baptist Church Pavilion, New York on 07/24/2018

Pat Hand

Jeannie was our speaker for our 41st annual Christmas Tea. Our theme was from the manger to the cross. Jeannie filled in the space in between, talking about Jesus's life and the miracles He performed. This tea is a time we invite family and friends, many unsaved. Jeannie had a dynamic salvation message. She did a fantastic job!

Submitted by Calvary Baptist Church on 02/15/2017