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Kimberle Taitano

Christian Speaker
El Cajon California 92021

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Lasting Healing can only happen when we surrender everything over release the desire to control and ask GOD for help

Lasting Healing can only happen when we surrender everything over release the desire to control and ask GOD for help

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El Cajon, CA 92021
United States

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  • Salvation Date
  • 2000
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  • Trinity Baptist Church
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More About Kimberle Taitano

Kimberle is a survivor of severe sexual abuse, suicide attempt, suicide loss, physical serious health issues, and mental illness. Her first suicide attempt was at 8 years old her last would be 30 years later, on a night where filled with desperate pain from her abusive past she held a butcher knife to her wrist and before making that final choice she called out to GOD surrendering her pain and desire to end her life. She asked Jesus Christ to enter her heart and accepted Christ as her personal LORD & SAVIOR. The change was instantaneous and as she surrendered her pain, shame, fear, and the desire to control and do it all by herself. GOD began the healing!

Kimberle was called to be trained, educated, and has become a certified Integrative Wellness & Trauma Recovery Life Coach where she uses her story to give other survivors hope, and that healing is very real.

Kimberle is a published author and a contributing writer for such publications as The Huffing ton Post, Medium, Thrive Global and others.

Her key note speeches on many "taboo topics" has impacted many at conferences, church events, and online, always giving GOD the glory for her story sharing the night she was saved in many ways and encouraging others to do the same she has become an expert in her field and has dedicated her life to guiding other survivors toward optimum wellness, mentally, emotionally, physically, and above all spiritually.


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Lessons from a Life Imagined

In her Key note speech " Lessons From a Life Imagined” Kimberle shares her personal journey through sexual abuse, being diagnosed with, Multiple Sclerosis, Suicide, near...

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