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Rhonda Wilson- President of Circle of Friends Ladies Group

Stretching her wings and walking in faith and service, Kass spoke to our ladies group a few months ago. She followed the nudge of the spirit and spoke on the topic of friendship. She spoke candidly of regrets of times that she felt she had not sufficiently fulfilled her role as a friend. She spoke of times when it was difficult to know what to do as a friend; when sorrow and grief were involved. Her words were based on faith of knowing that the Spirit will lead us in the moment and sometimes just our presence would suffice and communicate the support needed.
Shortly after her visit our ladies group was faced with a tragic loss of a son of one of our members. Kass' direction came to us as we were faced with the need to communicate our support and love in this time of tragedy. Through her faith, she became the conduit through which God shared his love and met needs. She was a blessing!

Submitted by Circle Of Friends Ladies Group on Friday, Sep 21, 2018

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Sandy Kay

Honest but very encouraging. Kass shared her experiences and was willing to answer hard questions too. Overall this was time well spent. I would love to hear her speak again.

Submitted by Creative In Waiting on Friday, Nov 16, 2018