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Ashley Schubert Recommendations

Submitted by TruVision Group At NeXGen on 11/13/2021

Erika Lara, Realtor

On Topic

I heard Ashley speak at the Flourish event in Arizona. She is an amazing and powerful speaker and shared a lot of her practical tips and must haves. I started implementing them in my daily routines and let me tell you things have been going a lot smoother! I love how she is faith oriented, and said a prayer over all of us there that gave me chills! I bought her book Raising a Business and Babies and I can't wait to start reading it.

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Erin Wells

Ashley is a great speaker. She engages her audience and has heart for women. Life change and how to raise a family and being in business.

Submitted by Real Estate on 11/11/2021

Kristen Cantrell, Co Host Moms in Real Estate Podcast

Ashely came out and spoke at my Moms in Real Estate convention with a hundred women! She was amazing! I would have her back anytime and love the value ahe brought!

Submitted by Moms In Real Estate on 11/10/2021

Kymmie Welton

Ashley is a light, what a thoughtful woman of God. Met her at Flourish, she was so kind. Purchased the 30 days to Shine Devotional and a few other books. Perfect gifts for the holidays! Thank you Ashley, keep on shining.

Submitted by Regional Vice President, Owner on 11/09/2021

Heather Listy - Realtor

Wow Ashley touched my heart! So happy I had a chance to see you speak in front of 100+ moms trying to figure out how to raise babies and work at the same time. You kept it authentic and true to real life. I felt you understood where every woman in that room was at you gave us hope and inspired me more then you will ever know! Thank you for opening your heart and sharing with us all.

Submitted by Exp Realty / Real Agent Now Group on 11/09/2021

Frances Miller

She is a radiant light of Gods Glory Grace and Goodness - having met her only once I know she is a true example of him.

Submitted by Fridays With Frances on 11/09/2021

Jantzen Miller

Ashley is an engaging, relatable speaker who has a way of connecting with women to make them feel seen and understood. Her gift is inspiring Christian women to embrace the chaos and learn how to practically manage the dynamic parts of their lives including faith, motherhood, marriage, and career. Ashley gives tips and ideas that audiences can put into practice and feel equipped with right away. I highly recommend her for your Christian speaking event!

Submitted by Jantzen Miller Coaching & Consulting on 11/09/2021

Shanna Hayes director of office affairs

Very much enjoyed her presentation. Very engaging and knowledgeable.

Submitted by Real Estate on 11/09/2021

Lindsey Eidson

Mom or 5 and not only well-versed in real estate but in real life issues that affect moms and women in general. She’s encouraging, always positive, and will leave you and your audience uplifted!

Submitted by Real Estate on 11/09/2021

Becky Floyd

Ashley Schubert is one of the best people you will meet. She’s very relatable and is passionate about everything she does. I’ve heard her speak many times and I’ve never been disappointed. God has definitely gifted her with a voice to teach others.Highly recommend!

Submitted by Business Owner on 11/09/2021