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Cherrilynn Bisbano Recommendations

Submitted by Hampton Falls First Baptist on 02/28/2019

Pastor Dean Glover, Outreach Pastor

On Topic

Over the past year I have had the privilege of working in a local church ministry setting with Cherrilynn Bisbano, a member of our congregation. During that time, I have had occasion to observe her in various settings, including at her home as a wife and mom, at church as a mentor and helper in various ministries, and specifically in an intensive personal growth ministry entitled REBUILD that I oversee. As well, she has been in classes that I teach, including a current Gospel of Mark course where we group-mentor new believers under the heading, “What Jesus Said.” This is an in-depth course of instruction in basic Christian values and beliefs. Cherrilynn brings an interesting combination to any assignment she undertakes. I have found her enthusiasm, zeal for God’s Word and His ways, and her strong desire to introduce others to the Lord Jesus Christ, to be invaluable assists to these various ministry areas.

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Cathy Bringhurst, Head of Childrens and Womens Ministries, long time friend

"My name is Cathy Bringhurst and I'm the Director of Children's Ministry
at New Hope Christian Church and the Director of Women's Ministry at
this church also. I have been director of both these ministries for
more than fifteen years.

Cherrilynn Bisbano, who I've known for the past ten years, was a part of
the ""Core Group"" of our Women's Ministry for several years. She is a
very warm and caring woman, one who loves the Lord and is always eager
to share her faith with others. Whether it is one on one or in a group
setting, teaching the Word, her love for Christ is always very, very
evident. The Word of God is deep within her soul; she knows the Word and she lives it.

As we all go through the storms of life, who we are in our faith or lack of faith, certainly will rise to the surface. Sometimes, sadly to say,
what surfaces is not what we preached. Cherrilynn is a lovely example of trusting in God's Word and holding fast to His promises...........

Submitted by New Hope Christian Church on 10/30/2015

Ann Marie McDonald, Pastor s wife, Head Womens & Childrens ministries, Close Friend

I have known Cherrilynn for over 10 years. We have shared many laughs and tears together. Thoughout our friendship she has always put Christ first. She makes me laugh even during the most difficult times. The Word of God is the basis for her entire life. No matter what fire she faces she always comes out praising God.

Submitted by Hosanna Family Church Of Pawtucket on 10/30/2015