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Cherie Faus-Smith, President

I've heard Chou speak and she is amazing. Chou is a passionate speaker and very knowledgeable on the subjects she is speaking about. Not only is she clear with her message but she shares from the heart. I could listen to her all day. Chou loves speaking and it shows.

Submitted by Cherie Smith Global Inc. on Saturday, Dec 22, 2018

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Lana Witmer

I first met Chou in 2012 when we both worked at Bethesda Mission Women's Shelter as house supervisors. Since then, we've been close friends and I've seen her walk through extremely trying situations. But no matter what she's going through, I always see her with true joy and extending the kind of genuine and warm grace, peace and love that only a deeply personal relationship with Jesus can give. I've also seen Chou excel in her field as she's determined to help many individuals and families thrive despite some very real obstacles she's had to overcome by God's grace to do so. All in all, I highly recommend Chou as a counselor as no matter what the area of concern, she will not only speak grace and truth into the situation, but will be a source of comfort and strength for those involved.

Submitted by N/a (friend And Former Co-worker) on Monday, Dec 31, 2018