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Winona L. Thomas

Christian Speaker
Beautiful You, On The Inside
Detroit Michigan 48221

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Inspirational and Impactful

Inspirational and Impactful

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Name Beautiful You, On The Inside
Detroit, MI 48221
United States

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  • 2002
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  • Global Empowerment Ministry
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More About Winona L. Thomas

Inspirational and Impactful

Winona L. Thomas is an accomplished self-published author of 3 books and a writer of inspirational poetry, articles, prayers, reflections and has written a play. Winona also founded her own self-publishing company Kiras Publishing, which helps and inspires new and beginning authors transform their vision of seeing themselves as a published author to becoming a successful published author.  As an Inspirational Speaker, her message is simply "Beauty Transformed". Because you are a masterpiece of the Mighty Hand of God, you are considered as a work of beauty. As we travel through our personal journey of life experiences, there is a transformation of healing, peace, joy and faith that will take place. Which is what Winona simply calls the beauty of God being transformed.

Winona knows the power of Divine healing from God. She was born with a chronic medical condition called Myasthenia Gravis, which is a neuromuscular disorder and was diagnosed at the age of six. God healed her from this disease by completely taking her off the medication after thirty plus years and she has not looked backed and has been medication free for six years. Winona is also a breast cancer survivor and has experienced first hand the miraculous power of God's word and healing in her body. Through the journey of healing, God has birthed "Beautiful You, On The Inside." Beautiful You, On The Inside is a ministry not only for inner healing, but all facets of God's healing that has been promised for God's people.

A licensed Evangelist and Missionary, Winona has a heart for outreach ministry and believes in Kingdom Building within the Body of Christ.  She is a minister of God's word, workshop speaker, teacher, entrepreneur, TV show host and an inspirational speaker through the testimonies God has given her. Winona's new book 

"A Place of Peace":Meditations of a Breast Cancer Survivor was released on November 23, 2016.