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Carol Lockhart

Dawn is our very favorite sub for pulpit supply. She is down to earth, easy to understand and she engages very well with all ages. She usually has lists she mentions that stick with us..just the other day a lady recited some lists from one her sermons.... Simple and something that "stuck" for helpful living. She speaks about things that are pertinent and keeps her audience interested in the subject. She is wonderfully gifted and talented. I can hardly wait to hear about her next word focus for each new year...just love her as a person!

Submitted by Bethlehem Lutheran Church on Saturday, Dec 26, 2015

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Dawn Kaiser Most Recent Recommendations

Shelli Crowe, Summer Registrar

Dawn's talk at the Long Prairie church this Spring was amazing. She really makes you think about joy and how to apply that to your everyday life. I loved her illustration of the pig drawing and how it relates to your personality. Really made me think. I would recommend Dawn for your next retreat, conference, etc. She is engaging, funny and a true joy refueler. I can't wait to have her speak at Mount Carmel Ministries in September!

Submitted by Mount Carmel Ministries, Alexandria, Mn on Sunday, Sep 10, 2017

Diane Midthune, Church Board Member

Dawn Kaiser spoke at our spring 2015 WELCA gathering at Eksjo Lutheran Church in Lake Park, Minnesota. She enthusiastically presented her message with specific examples and stories. She added humor to engage her listeners, and she spoke clearly and expressively. She seemed to be speaking to all of us and yet to each one of us individually. When she recounted memories of her dad’s battle with illness and her family’s response, we could all relate. She speaks from the heart and with heart. As an older member of the audience, I also appreciated that she speaks loudly enough for all of us to hear her good words. This was not the first time I had heard Dawn speak, so I am not basing this evaluation on a one time experience. I asked her after the presentation if she would consider standing in for our pastor when he is on vacation, but she has commitments. I would love to have Dawn as our full time pastor – that is how highly I regard her.

Submitted by Eksjo Lutheran Church on Wednesday, Jan 06, 2016