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Chris Manion Recommendations

Submitted by Pampered Chef on 04/27/2017

Naomi Zuccaro, Independent Advanced Director

On Topic

Chris Manion is a passionate, inspirational speaker who encourages her audience to reach for their best, from a foundation of faith.

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Nancy Jo Ryan

With many years of public speaking experience, Chris brings her humor, knowledge and expertise to every presentation she makes. Audiences connect with her sweet spirit and down-to-earth personality.

Submitted by National Executive Diector on 01/17/2019

Randy Petrey

Chris has always walked the walk with her faith. She doesn't push it on you, which I always appreciated. In the book, she tells her journey through her life getting more spiritual and in touch with God. It's a really wonderful story full of the ways God came into her life to teach her lessons about her life and faith. You'll really enjoy this book!

Submitted by Exec. Director With The Pampered Chef on 05/09/2017