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Chris Manion

Christian Speaker
Inspirational speaker, Published Author, Keynotes, Retreats, Workshops
Destin Florida 32550

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The joy of the Lord is your strength. Nehemiah 8:10

The joy of the Lord is your strength. Nehemiah 8:10

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Name Inspirational speaker, Published Author, Keynotes, Retreats, Workshops
Online Social Profiles
Destin, FL 32550
United States

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  • Salvation Date
  • 1961
  • Home Church
  • St. Rita Catholic Church, Santa Rosa Beach, FL
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More About Chris Manion

Despite her business acumen and success, Chris felt a longing to know God since childhood, a longing that attending church on Sundays did not assuage. Her memoir and talks document her journey to a deeper relationship with God and give those who are ready, new spiritual tools with which to do the same. Audiences find her authentic, humorous, and compelling. It is her mission to give others the confidence and language they need to be able to talk about their Christic experiences, to recognize and trust them. One of her gifts is teaching through metaphor and sensory images. Audiences learn one or two new spiritual tools to ease themselves into a deeper union with God. 

Chris Manion, the author of God’s Patient Pursuit of My Soul (Redemption Press), spent twenty-six years as a national executive in the direct selling industry. Her zeal for helping people follow their dreams coupled with her outstanding leadership training built a team of more than 5,000 generating $20 million in annual sales.This inspirational speaker changes lives. Manion understands what fears and obstacles prevent us from achieving spiritual breakthroughs or personal milestones. She teaches how to find strategies through any obstacle with two circles and a line. 

Her stories, poetry, and blog posts have been featured in Northwest Florida Daily News, Catechist Magazine, Pasticcio Quartzine, and Spirit & Life magazine. She has been a main stage speaker at multiple national conferences.


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Chris Manion Speaking Topics

The Art of Conversation with God

An exploration of how God speaks to us today with poignant true-life stories. Having a relationship with God is His greatest desire for us. She outlines three key areas to the art...

It's What We Don't See That Matters

Lessons from Vince Lombardi and other great leaders. ...

Posted by Chris Manion on 09/08/2017

I Can't Forgive Two People. That Doesn't Make Me a Bad Person, Does it?

Do you struggle with forgiving someone? Are there people in your life that you feel do not deserve to be forgiven? Inspirational speaker, author, and businesswoman Chris Manion addresses...

How ToTrust God When You're Scared?

When you say you trust God, how far does that go? Do you worry? Do you know what God said about worry? Enjoy this inspirational talk from national executive businesswoman, Chris Manion,...

5 Habits of Holiness

"Be holy as I am holy."What exactly are we supposed to do to be holy? In this informative talk from an Irish storyteller and powerhouse business woman, Chris Manion challenges...

Exercising Your Faith Muscle - 7 Ways to Pray

When yeast works in dough, the byproduct is CO2 that bubbles into the dough. In our spiritual lives, we sometimes grow a little too full of ourselves after the Lord works in our lives....

Strategies to Overcome Your Current Obstacles

 If you're shaking your head wondering how you're ever going to get through all the current obstacles in your path, you need to join us for some stress relief and solutions...

What the Voice of God Sounds Like

When God speaks to you, how do you recognize it? In this heart-opening talk, we learn how God used banana bread and a hug to bring home the Easter story of the disciples on the road...

Why I'm Not Afraid to Die - Messages from Beyond

Drawing on her research into NDEs (near death experiences), Chris tells stories she's learned of out-of-body experiences, as well as a special gift from her deceased mother that...

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Submitted by Exec. Director With The Pampered Chef on Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Randy Petrey

Chris has always walked the walk with her faith. She doesn't push it on you, which I always appreciated. In the book, she tells her journey through her life getting more spiritual and in touch with God. It's a really wonderful story full of the ways God came into her life to teach her lessons about her life and faith. You'll really enjoy this book!

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  • Authentic

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Submitted by National Executive Diector on Friday, May 05, 2017

Nancy Jo Ryan

With many years of public speaking experience, Chris brings her humor, knowledge and expertise to every presentation she makes. Audiences connect with her sweet spirit and down-to-earth personality.

  • On Topic

  • Biblical

  • Engaging

  • Memorable

  • Authentic

  • Recommended

Submitted by Pampered Chef on Thursday, Apr 27, 2017

Naomi Zuccaro, Independent Advanced Director

Chris Manion is a passionate, inspirational speaker who encourages her audience to reach for their best, from a foundation of faith.

  • On Topic

  • Biblical

  • Engaging

  • Memorable

  • Authentic

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