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Beth Ann

Donna is a dynamic, down to earth, confident speaker. Her personal experience, knowledge gained through research, and studying God's word give her listeners practical, usable tools to use in your marriage, your family, your place of work, in your friendships, and in every facet of life. Donna is a light-hearted, spirited woman of God who presents herself professionally, yet brings a soft touch, and a quick sense of humor that engages her listeners from beginning to end. Donna's message is practical for almost all walks and stages of life and I highly recommend her for large or small group settings. You will be richly blessed!

Submitted by Audience Member on Tuesday, Apr 09, 2019

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Donna Best Most Recent Recommendations

Ginger Parr

We thoroughly enjoyed Donna coming to speak at one of our MOPS (mothers of preschoolers) meetings. She presented ways to help improve our family relationships with each other by strengthening our relationship with the Lord. She is a dynamic and engaging speaker who definitely kept all our ladies attention.

Submitted by Nwga Mops on Monday, Nov 12, 2018

Debbie Baue, Office Admin

We enjoyed listening to Donna very much at our annual Ladies Night. She is a very sweet and spiritual woman of God!

Submitted by Calhoun First Presbyterian Church on Tuesday, Apr 24, 2018

Robin Witt

Donna did an excellent job connecting with our group and meeting our needs. She was a very engaging speaker!

Submitted by Robin Witt on Wednesday, Jul 27, 2016

Jennifer Cadamore

I have had the privilege of hearing Donna teach on several occasions. I have also used her Weatherproof Your Home…Against the Storms of Life of Life Bible study numerous times to help women heal and restore their hope and their families. I have seen so many women have those “ah-ha” moments-- you know, those moments where the principle being taught sinks in and they claim it as a truth in their lives. Praise be to God!! Donna is concise and makes difficult concepts easy to understand (very appreciated when dealing with Revelation in particular). She is transparent and helps the listener to readily relate by weaving her own failings into her lessons. She is knowledgeable, professional, caring and funny (sometimes she doesn’t know how comical she is!) Most importantly, Donna lives by and teaches according to the sound, Biblical Truths of God’s Word. She loves Jesus and her life is a testament to her surrender to Him. I have and will continue to recommend her as a speaker.

Submitted by Bible Teacher & Speaker on Wednesday, Jul 27, 2016

Lori Hynson

I was so impressed by the concise and thorough Bible study presented by Donna Best on the destruction we wreak in our lives because of the bitterness we seem to hang on to so tightly. Using on-point Scripture, Donna demonstrated that God intends a life of peace for us, but we continue to thwart His plans when we hang on to bitterness and unforgiveness instead of surrendering those emotions to Christ. Donna is an experienced Bible teacher, at ease with her presentation, and clearly familiar with her topic.

Submitted by Author / Speaker on Wednesday, Jul 27, 2016