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Mindy Ferguson Recommendations

Submitted by Fairfield Baptist on 10/30/2015

Jim Daniel, Pastor

On Topic

Mindy Ferguson has been a great blessing to me and to our church family. We are honored to have her as a member of Fairfield Baptist. She is one of the most dedicated servants I know and has been greatly used of God in writing and speaking. I highly recommend her to you as a speaker and leader. She is a great encourager and teacher of the Word. You will be blessed to have her with you for ministry.

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Debby Hartzell

Mindy shares her story and God's word in a personal and relative manner. We enjoyed interacting with Mindy and she joined in as "one of the girls" during free time walking on the beach with us and sharing conversations. Mindy clearly has a Jesus-centered heart and delivered a strong testimony. The feedback we received from our ladies was very complimentary.

Submitted by Conroe Bible Church on 09/06/2021

Denise Meyers, Ladies Bible Study Advisory Team

Mindy was the speaker for a weekend conference we held in February of this year. We were looking for someone to share Bible lessons in an applicable way that was easy to understand. Mindy was just what we were looking for in a speaker and she delivered. Mindy creates a comfortable safe space for her well organized, applicable talks. She fit right into the relaxed atmosphere we desired to create. She was very easy to work with while making all our arrangements. Specifically, we used Mindy’s “Renew” retreat, the women walked away with five go to verses for the coming year and an invaluable connection of community. We considered ourselves blessed to have spent the weekend with Mindy!

Submitted by Cy-fair Christian Church on 06/10/2019

Jen Frey

Mindy was
Biblical: Her talks were grounded in God’s Word and her love for scripture was evident in her teaching
Relevant: She made her teaching relevant to women of all ages.
Relational: She made it a point to walk around and purposefully get to know the women in each of the small groups.

Submitted by Tomball Bible Church on 06/06/2019

Aynne Daugherty

With her sweet, quiet spirit, Mindy immediately captures the attention of her audience. Her love for God and reverence for His Word is evident in every message. She shared her "Drink at the Well" with our women's group and was also the speaker at our Women of the Word Retreat. The response to Mindy's Walking with God study brought in women from other churches and neighborhoods. We know God opened up all these opportunities for us to reach out and we are looking forward to sponsoring another one of her studies soon.

Submitted by Good Shepherd United Methodist Church, Cypress, Tx on 10/30/2015

Bobbi Lazar, Women's Retreat Coordinator

What a treasure we found on the internet when looking for our retreat speaker! Mindy Ferguson is a wonderful speaker who presents God's Word of truth, while extending His grace to women of all walks of life. I thoroughly enjoyed her teachings, her style and her presentation. She is greatly gifted by God and accomplishing great things for His glory. If you're looking for a powerful life-changing speaker for women - Mindy is your answer! Call Fruitful Word today...you won't be disappointed.

Submitted by Oil City Community Alliance, Oil City, Pa on 10/30/2015

Pam Durst, Women's Ministry Retreat Team

If you are looking for a speaker who is genuine and who communicates God's Word with power and conviction, then I recommend Mindy Ferguson to you. She understands the needs of women and connects with them as she shares her personal testimony and teaches the timeless truths of the Bible. After she spoke at our women's retreat, our ladies evaluated her three messages from "Drink at the Well" as inspiring and life changing. The consensus was to have her back.

Submitted by First Baptist Church, Llano, Tx on 10/30/2015