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Beverly J. Powell Recommendations

Submitted by Designs By Jenee on 10/31/2015

Janet Webb, President/CEO

On Topic

"It is my pleasure to write a letter of recommendation for Rev. Beverly J. Powell. I have known her for many years. She is a very gifted individual in many ways. She is honest, well spoken, and preaches an uncompromising gospel. I have witnessed how God has used her in so many venues.

Rev. Powell is gifted in the area of Praise and Worship and a wonderful teacher. The life she lives is testimony to her love and devotion to Jesus Christ, and her strong relationship with Him. I am honored to call her a friend. She is a woman of great integrity."

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Pastor Beverly is an amazing motivating gift from the Lord! She is a beautiful Christian woman and you can feel Him in her from her spirit and just by hugging her! She loves the Lord with everything in her and has touched not only my life but so many others! Thanks to her teachings I just re-dedicated my life to the Lord a few weeks ago. I love you Pastor Beverly! The Lord has truly blessed me for bringing you in my life!

Submitted by Rhythm Of Life on 07/15/2021

William E. Tyler—Senior Pastor

January 29, 2020

To Whom It May Concern:
I am writing to provide a professional reference for Pastor Beverly Powell. In my twenty-five year experience as a Senior Pastor and eighteen year experience as an associate minister sitting under a Pastor, I have heard a lot of preaching, and seen a lot of Preachers. Pastor Beverly Powell speaks with such eloquence and clarity, that one becomes captivated by what may be emitted from her mouth next.

She is spot on with her deliverance of the Word of God, and her Biblical knowledge and exegesis of God’s Word, in my estimation makes her a blessing to anyone that may have the opportunity to hear her speak.

Her opportunities to speak to groups of people should not be limited to women only, because of her femininity, but men also will be blessed and enlightened by her presence.

Submitted by First Union Living Word Christian Fellowship on 01/28/2020

Christopher Keyes

It is amazing that this woman can bring the fire. She teaches in such a clear simple and concise way that it is easy to understand, digest, and get exactly what is needed when you need it. I am always impressed by her ability to see the word from various vantage points that I have never seen and bring it to life in a relevant and focused way.

Submitted by Keyes Opens Doors on 02/12/2019

Queen Leah, Administrator

Beverly Powell has dedicated her life to servanthood. She dilligently studies the word and she genuinely has a love for people. When speaking, Beverly allows The Lord to use her to get a message of love, hope, and inspiration to his people. She is qualified spiritually, mentally, and professionally.

Submitted by Annees Inc. on 02/10/2019


Rev. Bev is a women after God's own heart. I have known her most of my life and her love for Christ has only gotten deeper over the years. She has a sincere passion for people and sharing God's word. A God-fearing woman of great integrity and unwavering character that delivers a powerful message spoken or in song.

Submitted by Robin's Nest on 02/10/2019

Elder Elizabeth C Hicks PC(uSA)

RevBev is knowledge speaker on a variety of subjects. I have been in the audience where she has spoken probably a dozen times or more. In my humble opinion she is as the expression goes, "second to none"!

Submitted by Westminster Presbyterian Church Of La on 02/08/2019

Pastor Raymond Webb, Pastor

It is indeed an honor and a privilege to recommend Rev. Powell to the Christian Women's Speakers Association. Through the years Rev. Powell has consistently demonstrated impeccable Christian character and an earnest love for the Lord. Rev. Powell has outstanding "Praise and Worship" skills and is an exceptionally gifted speaker. She has a heart for service and can always be depended on to come through in a quality manner, regardless of the assignment. Rev. Powell brings a genuine passion to the pulpit as well as her praise and worship, which I believe is directly related to her strong relationship with Jesus Christ.

Submitted by Temple Builders Community Church on 02/04/2019

Felecia Wright, Bishop/Pastor

"I hold, in high regard, the character, and integrity of Rev. Beverly J. Powell. She's one who loves the Lord and is called to do His work. She has demonstrated her love and faithfulness by making considerable contributions to our church family where her gifts, talent, and offerings are concerned.

I am truly a witness to the love of her friendship and the compassion that she has for man kind. I have personally known Beverly for 16 years and have in the last three years grown to love her as a sister that's highly regarded. What a blessing, honor, and a privilege to call her friend and sister."

Submitted by True Unity Baptist Church on 10/31/2015