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Gwendolyn Pew Recommendations

Submitted by Tammany Yacht Club on 04/25/2017

Dodie Jones

On Topic

I have known Gwen for over 27 yrs and know her to be one of the most dependable and jonest person I know. She is a hardworking woman with a good moral compass. She will give all her attention to accomplish goals. A person who can be counted on, never judgemental, open minded and willing to go the mile for anyone no matter how bumpy the path. I am proud and honored to have such a person as her in my life.

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Penny Jessup

Gwen is a very down to earth pastor, giving and caring person, always willing to help others thru their trials even when having her own. Her love of god is evident in all that she does. Her passion is a gift.

Submitted by Friend on 02/11/2022

Veanna Kessler, Finance Chairman

I have had the opportunity to attend numerous Bible Studies that Gwendolyn has facilitated. She has the ability to lead, listen, inspire and connect the group. Also, she has the ability to select excellent material. Gwen's passion for serving the Lord is a gift to any group. In addition her musical talent is the icing on the cake. I highly recommend Gwendolyn for any Christian Women speaking engagement.

Submitted by Liberty United Methodist Church on 11/04/2021

Kathy Grimwood, MA Audiologist

I have had the blessing of knowing Gwen as a friend, family and spiritual advisor. I have witnessed and experienced first hand her faith, grace, support and love. She services as an example of Christ's love, hope and forgiveness working in our lives.

Submitted by Department Of Veteran's Affairs on 08/13/2021

Becky Upchurch

Gwen spoke at my mother's church's Mother and Daughter Banquet today. I was fortunate enough to be a guest and to hear her for the first time. Her message was beautiful, relevant and most importantly a blessing. Althouth scripture was the foundation of her message, sharing her personal experiences made it more relatable. God is good.

Submitted by Southside Nazarene on 05/06/2017

Carrie Winklepleck, Congregation Member

Gwen is truly a blessing to anyone who gets the opportunity to meet her. Her life is a beautiful testimony of what the love and power of Jesus Christ can do in a person's life.
Often times during/after a sermon I feel empowered, encouraged, and challenged to do the work God has set for me that week and I believe it is because of the Holy Spirit working in her. She is passionate, humble, and generous with the love that overflows from her life because of Him. I could not be more happy to write this review for her because I know she will enjoy speaking at any event you will have her at.

Submitted by Frady Memorial United Methodist Church Of Raglesville on 04/25/2017

Pastor Cindy Rahn, Pastor

Gwen used to lead our Women's Bible studies at the church and did that very well for 3 years now. She has a loving spirit and her love for the Lord is very evident in her life. She has a real heart for women's ministries and it is her gift. She also has a wonderful gift of singing.

Submitted by Honey Creek Umc on 10/31/2015

Marian Cochran

"What a inspirational program Pastor Gwen presented to our Women's retreat! As we ""weeded"" together through our gardens, she gave practical steps that will guide us to a spiritual growth. She definitely planted seeds in my soul. Gwen's program reassured me that God is still working on me every day.

Marian Cochran
Orchard Park Presbyterian Church
Carmel, IN"

Submitted by Orchard Park Presbyterian on 10/31/2015

Carolyn Sims, Friend

"As I began to think about how to write this recommendation for Gwen Pew, I first went to the internet to find outlines or other assistance. But after I prayed about this I felt I should just express it from my heart.
Gwen has led many Bible studies for the women of our church and the church she now pastors. These led to weekend retreats where she led us through different aspects of our lives helping us to see God at work in us and around us. She has a real gift of telling a story to bring about a point or explanation of scripture. She “breathes” God’s word and prayerfully seeks his leading. It is at this point that she feels God leading her to again work with women in a new way. .......

Submitted by Friend on 10/31/2015