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Paula P.

Our church had the privilege of asking Shannon to speak on "Organized Spontaneity" - her presentation style, along with her topic, were perfect for this event! The women walked away feeling refreshed, affirmed, and equipped to be the kind of mom that honors the Lord AND enjoys the life we've been given! Shannon's engaging personality and openness about struggles in her own life allowed the moms in the audience to instantly relate to her. Not only did Shannon provide encouragement and perspective to the women, but she shared practical advice on how to declutter our lives spiritually and declutter our daily schedules. Shannon's honesty and openness proved to be contagious as our women engaged in table discussions after her talk. Thanks to the handouts Shannon provided, we were able to identify specific ideas we planned to implement, utilizing Shannon's ideas/tools. Shannon truly is a blessing as she shares her life and the life lessons she has learned along the way.

Submitted by Cypress Wesleyan Church on Thursday, Dec 07, 2017

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Shannon Upton Most Recent Recommendations

Angela B.

We were so excited to have Shannon come to our Genoa Church Mom Life Group and share some amazing and godly principles on organization. This is the 3rd time we have had Shannon come to our Group and I could not more highly recommend her. She is precious, funny and brings so much truth to topics of our Mom Life world! Thank you Shannon!

Submitted by Genoa Baptist Church on Monday, Apr 23, 2018

Holly E., Event Organizer

Our event was a one day mini-conference where Shannon did three speaking sessions. The focus of the event was to give moms a day to refresh, relax and fellowship with other moms. Emphasis was placed on the Word in order to restore the joy (or provide endurance) of motherhood. Shannon did an amazing job and her sessions did exactly that! Her three sessions consisted of her testimony, organization tips, and hostessing. All of her sessions were well received! We had approximately 75 mothers attend the event and administered an anonymous survey at the end. Our surveys all rated her highly, which is difficult to do with a variety of mothers in attendance! We highly recommend Shannon!

Submitted by Mt Pisgah Baptish Church-restore: Mom's Edition on Friday, Apr 13, 2018


We had a wonderful God-filled retreat with Shannon as our speaker. The comments have been overwhelming about what a wonderful speaker she was. She shared her story with us in a God-filled testimony and then shared in two more sessions about how we can de-clutter spiritually so that we can be organized in our thoughts, hearts and homes! But more than that, she has a sweet spirit that was so easy to listen to and work with and I thank her for doing a superb job for our ladies!

Submitted by Retreat Planner on Tuesday, Apr 10, 2018

Ronnie Wood, Women's Ministry Director

Shannon’s presentation on hospitality was right on point and the ladies were very engaged. I suspect that a large portion of the audience will take into account her material as they prepare to open their homes for Jesus.

Submitted by Marysville Grace on Tuesday, Mar 13, 2018

Nicole D.

Shannon Upton makes the ladies of any group feel at ease, loved, and deeply valued. She helps bring a heart of hope and unique refreshment to the ladies of any gathering. Book her! You will be so blessed!

Submitted by Women's Ministry Director on Wednesday, Jan 24, 2018

Kate D.

The preparation and heart Shannon puts into each presentation make her an ideal speaker with whom to work. At the Spark Conference for central Ohio MOPs leaders, Shannon’s name was consistently brought up as the speaker to book!

Submitted by Mops Coordinator on Wednesday, Jan 17, 2018

Grace G.

When you meet Shannon, you’ve made a friend! Her professional manner and bubbly personality will be evident as she enlightens your group with God’s truth. I would highly recommend her for any women’s event. We’ve had her come speak to us twice, and we can’t wait to have her back!

Submitted by First Baptist Church In Texarkana, Tx on Wednesday, Jan 10, 2018

Pattie H.

It was pure joy having Shannon Upton as our featured speaker at this year’s fall and spring conferences. We had nothing but great positive feedback! The women were greatly moved by the honesty and sincerity with which she shared her story and ministry message. Shannon is an amazing woman of God, a gift, and most importantly, a true believer in Jesus Christ.

Submitted by Women's Ministry Director on Wednesday, Jan 03, 2018

Chris B.

What a blessing it was to have Shannon come speak at our Mother's Day Banquet! Everyone from my 11 year old daughter, to the grandmothers who attended enjoyed her talk and learned great tips to clear out that spiritual clutter! We can't wait to dive into her Bible Study based on her books, and look forward to having her back soon! She was truly a blessing for all ages!

Submitted by Event Planner on Monday, Jan 01, 2018

Tamar G.

What a great session! Shannon did an outstanding job relating to our ladies from various backgrounds about getting rid of spiritual clutter. The topic was life changing!

Submitted by Retreat Planner/coordinator on Wednesday, Dec 13, 2017

Jody J.

Entertaining, relatable and great information! Our moms' group really loved Shannon's talk on organizing family fun. She had some great tips for us and really understood where all of us are coming from with the demands and humorous nature of our lives with young children! Shannon kept the speech energetic and fun, the moms have already requested her to come back next year!

Submitted by Moms' Group on Tuesday, Dec 12, 2017

Marsha S.

Shannon Upton spoke to our women's group (along with a few men) on organizing your spiritual stuff. She was very interesting and had everyone's attention. Shannon had a good balance of stories and made some wonderful connections to Scripture. She helped us to see our "stuff" as we should, making it easier to sort through and clear it out. I heard nothing but wonderful comments from those that had attended. One in particular: "I'm so glad I came. She changed my life." I would love to hear more of her presentations. This one was well worth it!

Submitted by London, Ohio on Saturday, Dec 09, 2017

Jody S.

Our church invited Shannon to speak at one of our monthly Moms' group meetings. We absolutely loved her topic - Organized Spontaneity! It was perfect—we are all just trying to do our best in the overwhelming world of mommy wars and pinterest. Shannon taught us how to filter out some of that and just focus on what is important to each of us as individuals, wives, and mothers. We left feeling refreshed and ready to take on motherhood in a new and exciting way.

Submitted by Mom's Group Leader on Wednesday, Dec 06, 2017

Anita T.

I booked Shannon for a district spring conference, part of a state org. founded on the premise of preserving and promoting the health and well-being of children and family. The audience was 60 women, ages 30's to 80's. Topic was "Organizing Belongings." What a success! Shannon's talk was informational and INSPIRATIONAL from start to finish, no awkward moments, well-placed humor, appealing and valuable to all age groups and stages of life. Universal truth! Wonderful incorporation of scripture. Already have her booked at our church in June and will definitely schedule her for future events. Thanks, Shannon! You have become a blessing for many.

Submitted by Marysville, Oh on Tuesday, Nov 28, 2017

Joy R.

I had the pleasure of booking Shannon to speak to my church's mom's group. The topic was Organizing Belongings. Shannon was engaging, personable & relatable. She contacted me prior to the event & provided detailed information about how the morning would proceed. Shannon was prompt upon arrival & ended on time with a little buffer to ask/answer questions. Shannon's talk was motivational & inspiring. Many of the women left talking about how they were going to go home & start cleaning out their spaces. I'd recommend Shannon to any group ready to get organized! Her practical ideals & delivery make getting started easy. She was a pleasure to work with and I'm sure will have much success in her career.

Submitted by Cincinatti, Oh on Wednesday, Nov 22, 2017

Kimberly D.

Our group absolutely loved hearing from Shannon. She was our most-loved speaker from last year, and our ladies asked if she could return to speak again this year. After hearing her speak, I know I left motivated to get to work on cleaning out my clutter - both material and spiritual. I would highly recommend that you invite Shannon to speak at your next women's event - your group won't be disappointed!

Submitted by Grace Polaris Church on Thursday, Nov 16, 2017

Elizabeth D.

We've had Shannon speak to our MOPS group twice. She has a lot of great information and ideas to share on ways to organize your life and keep Jesus #1 in all aspects of life. Shannon is such a joy to have speak; after our first experience with her speaking our group asked for her to return. She is fun and knows how to keep you engaged.

Submitted by Urbana Mops on Monday, Nov 13, 2017

Heather C.

We had Shannon come and speak to our Mops and Momsnext group at Westerville Christian Church. What she gave to the ladies was information they could take home with them and use. When I put out a survey for the next year they asked for her to come back!

Submitted by Westerville Mops on Saturday, Nov 11, 2017

Robin 0., Preschool Director

Shannon Upton is an inspiring speaker. She has spoken to our parents twice and they love her! We are in the process of booking her again for next year. Shannon's message of bringing out your inner "Jesus Mom" to connect more effectively with your family and your Lord really connects with our moms. She is funny and engaging. Love, Love Love her and her message!

Submitted by Hilliard United Methodist Preschool on Thursday, Nov 09, 2017

Betsy Semmens, Coordinator

My MOPS group in central Ohio has had the privilege of welcoming Shannon Upton two come speak at our meetings for two years in a row now. Our ladies loved her! She was our highest rated speaker all year, according to our annual survey. We love her down-to-earth advice, great sense of humor and engaging content. The hour just flies by when she’s with us. I would highly recommend Shannon to anyone seeking a speaker for their group and will gladly have her back again next year!

Submitted by Mothers Of Preschoolers on Thursday, Oct 12, 2017

Tammy Stose, planner

We recently had Shannon at our Women's Retreat. Everyone really enjoyed all her sessions on different ways to organize our lives so we can live more for Jesus and enjoy our home and family even more!

Submitted by Mt. Tabor Church Of God Women's Retreat on Monday, Oct 09, 2017

Krista- Volunteer event planner

Shannon is very genuine and down to earth. She was our featured speaker for our fall women's retreat and her story is very powerful. She prepared 3 different messages and a breakout session for our group and all were relevant and very well received! Nothing but compliments from the ladies who attended, we were blessed to have her!

Submitted by Mt. Tabor Church Of God on Monday, Oct 09, 2017