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Nita Evans Recommendations

Submitted by First Church Of The Nazarene on 09/23/2022

Rev Damon Spurgeon

On Topic

I have known Nita Evans several years and she has been a faithful Christian counselor who has been endorsed by several denominations in our community. If you are in need of a solid Christian counselor or special speaker for any event please give her a call. She comes with my highest recommendation .

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Keven K. Wrege, Event Planner

"It is my pleasure to recommend Nita Evans as an event speaker. She is Spirit-lead, dynamic, motivational, and filled with the love of Jesus for people.

As event coordinator, I had the opportunity to invite Nita to be one of three session leaders at St. Peter's Lutheran Church in Columbus, IN for a Lutheran Women's Missionary League Rally. This even brought women from about 10 Lutheran churches in our Zone together for Spiritual growth and fellowship. Our event theme was centered on encouragement. Nita spoke on encouragement between women, with God as the center and source of all that we do. She added hands-on practice with a surprise reward later in the day for those who put into practice what was discussed. Nita is good at showing easy and practical ways to carry out the principles God puts forth in Scripture on a daily basis. The women who came out of Nita's session that day were upbeat and enthused. We were thankful to have her as part of our event.............

Submitted by Event Planner on 10/30/2015