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Tammy Kennington Recommendations

Submitted by Association Of Christian Schools Int'l (ACSI) on 09/24/2018

Dr. Suzie Mohler

On Topic

It was a joy to have Tammy present for us. She was easy to communicate with and very well informed. She portrayed confidence and gentleness at the same time which endeared folks to her. Will definitely call her again.

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Andrea Herbert

Tammy was so great and informative!!

Submitted by Mops on 09/20/2021

Shirley Baskin

I just want to thank you for being such a gracious and helpful guest on our show last Monday. After the show, a few more sisters privately called me to let me know they too had been abused and how helpful the show was to them, just letting them know they were not alone helped with managing their thoughts about it.

Submitted by Http:// on 03/24/2020