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Kim Chaffin Recommendations

Submitted by Office Manager on 04/06/2016

Krista Smith

On Topic

I have had the pleasure of listening to Kim speak many times. I attend City Life Church with her and it is always a blessing when she is scheduled to speak. Kim has the ability to take life situations that may be very challenging and add God and a twist of humor to help you feel like your issues are very normal. She seeks the Lord in all she does and is constantly reaching out and offering prayer. Kim is truly passionate about her writing and speaking engagements and it is very evident that she relies on God to guide her path.

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Lori Claire

Kim is such an engaging speaker. She brings the message of God in such a inspiring way of sharing personal and family and friends stories. What a gift she has.

Submitted by Friend on 07/29/2021

Becki Coats

Kim was a warm & caring person.
When she speaks she speaks right to you & does a wonderful job talking to you. She's clear with her words & doesn't speak fast. Very easy to understand.
We learned a lot from her & her knowledge.

Submitted by Retreat Atendee on 10/02/2019

Beverly Thrasher

Kim spoke at our womens retreat in washington state. She was organized and precise. Her talks were biblical and right on target. She was fun and mingled with the women. She loves the Lord. She radiated Jesus in her life.

Submitted by Church Of God Anderson Indiana on 10/02/2019

Linda Ritter

Kim spoke at our ladies' luncheon. She was so down-to-earth and funny. We liked her from the moment we met her. Her theme was "Bloom Where You are Planted". Kim has a great sense of humor and an openness about her life experiences that brought out laughter sometimes and then other times pulled on our heart strings. She shared the Biblical accounts of Esther and Joseph to inspire and motivate us to "bloom where God has planted us". All the ladies really enjoyed her talk. It was one in which we all could relate. I would personally recommend Kim to speak at your ladies' function. She was awesome!

Submitted by East Valley Baptist Church on 05/06/2019

Kalee Horlacher, Retreat Oranizer

Kim was a tremendous speaker. She provided two talks for our Mothers of Preschoolers winter retreat. She tied scripture together with personal experiences beautifully. She spoke from her heart and incorporated a multitude of emotions in her talks. She is relational, approachable, kind, and humorous! We were so blessed to have her speak to our group. She clearly puts God first and she allows God to work through her! We would recommend her 100% and we would absolutely have her come speak again!

Submitted by First Presbyterian Church Mops on 03/04/2019

Traci Mertens - Retreat Director

Kim is relatable to all ages. Her speaking is Holy Spirit lead and her delivery is enjoyable. I would definitely have her return to speak again!

Submitted by Ross Point Camp And Conference Center on 02/02/2019

Diane Newton Women’s Ministry

Calvary Spokane recently had Kim Chaffin come speak at a Women’s Event. She was so much fun to work with during the days leading up to the event. We had a packed house of over 225 ladies and Kim did an amazing job. Delightful in a word.
I would recommend her for events and retreats . She is “ Simply a blessing “ like the title of her book!

Submitted by Calvary Spokane on 02/02/2019

Kim Blankenship

Kim has such a gift in sharing there word of the lord. She is engaging,funny and entertaining. I love the way she points out the works of god in our everyday life.

Submitted by N/a on 02/01/2019

Isaac Crandall

Kim is truly a woman seeking the Lord. She has a way of being so down to earth and just being almost a mother figure to many people I know. The way she writes and speaks about the Lord is the way she lives her life. I have had the opportunity to write for Kim as well and just thoroughly enjoyed working with her. She helped me edit the article and it was a success! I am thankful for what she does and really am thankful for her writing and speaking it is just so real!

Submitted by Owner At Huroic Gear And Operations Manager At Oil Analysis Lab on 12/06/2018

Bethany Looyenga

I enjoyed working with Kim. She responded promptly, she was flexible, positive, and fun. she had fun stories to share and inspirational lessons. She's not afraid to share the areas of growth that God is taking her on and what she is learning from that. I would definitely invite her to speak at our women's retreat again, she was very well received.

Submitted by Agape Celebration on 09/25/2018

Marty Gonzales, CEO

Kim left a lasting impression! She is a gifted speaker who authentically and passionately connected with our audience from the beginning to the end of her presentation. She delivered a message relevant to our organization and obviously did her homework. Not only did Kim motivate and inspire the group but she propelled their generosity, helping my organization raise the most funds in the history of our annual event. When people who attended are still talking about the presentation the next day, you know you did something right!

Submitted by Generation Alive on 01/16/2018

Dayna Jennings Office Manager & Director Of Connections

Kim Chaffin came and spoke at a women's brunch at our church last fall and was fabulous. She was engaging, funny, spoke Biblical truth and had a message that was relevant to women of all ages. We would love to have her return and would recommend her to anyone considering having her come and speak.

Submitted by Office Manager & Director Of Connections on 04/28/2017

Theresa Lamp, self employed

Do you want your audience to get connected to your subject, fellow attendees, their faith and family? Kim Chaffin has the unique ability to share God's love in a realistic and loving way. The way she tells a story everyone's on the edge of of their seats, no one heads to the restrooms or sleeps! She is sensitive, honest and oh so real. Oh I can't forget to mention her willingness to laugh and get silly at just the appropriate times. Well worth you checking her out!

Submitted by Walk With Christ on 04/11/2016

Suzanne Niles

Engaging, entertaining, knowledgable and personable. Great choice as a speaker!

Submitted by Fast Friends Book on 04/11/2016

Pastor Van Bradeen

Real, practical, passionate about God, very authentic, and led by the Spirit .

Submitted by City Life Church on 04/08/2016

Stacie Duenich

I have had the privilege of hearing Kim speak on many occasions. The thing that always strikes me is how God speaks to her through everyday experiences or even items. She sees a lesson that God wants us to hear and is able to communicate it through analogies that are memorable, relevant and applicable. I always walk away feeling encouraged or challenged.

Submitted by City Life Church on 04/07/2016

Jessica Malan - attendee

I saw Kim speak at a women's Christmas event. Her speech was about not pinteresting Jesus out of the Season. This was such a perfect speech for her audience as we had the opportunity to shop/sell at a craft fair leading up to the event! She did a wonderful job engaging the audience, using well humor and keeping the speech authentic. She demonstrated humility and shared instances in her own life where she learned to lean into God. She is very easy to relate to!

Submitted by Attendee on 04/07/2016

Joe Duenich

Kim Chaffin is one of the most generous and kindhearted people that my wife and I have the honor of "doing life" with. Whether writing articles or speaking at City Life Church or other Christian events, I very much appreciate Kim's disarming honesty, humility and humor. I love Kim's ability to connect with large audiences as well as with individuals by getting personal through the sharing of her own life experiences...the good, bad, and the ugly. Kim never hesitates, even for a moment, to come alongside broken people and lift them up and encourage them by connecting their life issues to the Word of God. Frequently you will see Kim laughing with someone and then she will be praying and sharing a tender Holy Spirit moment with someone else...tears included. The bottom line is that Kim is the real deal. A passionate and devoted follower of Jesus who genuinely loves all people. Please invite her to speak or write for your organization...she will be an incredible blessing to all!

Submitted by Northwest Christian High School on 04/06/2016

Deborah Thomas

Kim is an interesting and engaging speaker who comes prepared spiritually and emotionally to share.
She takes her assignments seriously and prays ahead of time. Each talk is a thoughtful presentation with a solid Biblical core to it. Kim's passion and compassion partner together to delight listeners with her insights. I cant wait to hear her again sometime!

Submitted by Eyesights With on 04/06/2016

Mikayla Lindstrom

Kim is a talented speaker with a gift for relating to her audience through her humor, honesty and engaging personality. She has an ability to not only share her faith, but to also do so in a way that meets people wherever they are on their life journey and walk with the Lord. Her passion and excitement for sharing this faith shines clearly in her speaking and writing, as well as in her day to day life. Furthermore, her ability to immediately connect and identify with those she meets makes her a memorable and valuable addition to any conference or event.

Submitted by City Life Church on 04/06/2016

Erin Bishop, Founder & Executive Director

Kim is a vibrant and engaging speaker with the ability to see God in the mundane and turn it into a valuable lesson. She is relatable to people of all ages and backgrounds, and puts her audience at ease with her humorous and encouraging messages.

Submitted by Whatever Girls on 04/06/2016

Marilyn Beringer

Kim came to speak at our women's retreat in March. I was most impressed with her professional attitude to meet the needs of our group specifically. That was because she has the biggest heart guided by the Holy Spirit. Her energy was endless. Our group was very diverse, aged from 25 to 75, married and single, varied backgrounds, and has different walks with Jesus among each of us. Her talks were meaningful to us in many ways. I tend to be bored easily, so a speaker that is only one dimension looses me fast. With Kim I was glued to her story. She was well prepared, but flexible to make changes to fit our needs. She really is a child of God.

Submitted by Grace Community Church on 04/06/2016

Nathan McGoldrick

Kim is a regular contributor at our home church in Spokane, WA. Regardless of whether she is sharing a single verse or an entire sermon she is always extremely well poised and well prepared. I absolutely love her down to earth humor and ability to share from a perspective of openness and honesty with where she is at. She knows she doesn't have it all figured out and can bring comfort to others who are still in process. Many Sundays you will see her being broken before God and then five minutes later ministering to others that need it. This is a beautiful thing to witness and it comes through in her speaking by connecting with the audience in an authentic manner. Anytime you hear her speak you will come away encouraged and refreshed. I highly recommend Kim for your next event.

Submitted by City Life Church on 04/06/2016

Kristin Laurance, Royal Affair Event coordinator

I had the privilege of working with Kim at a women's conference last December and she definitely delivered! Her compelling, yet relatable stories, practical applications & spirit-led wisdom related to women in many seasons of life! I would highly recommend her as a speaker!

Submitted by One Strand Ministries on 04/06/2016

Claudia Kirkebo

I have visited Kim's church many times to hear her speak and went to a Woman's breakfast in Nov in Moses Lake WA. I love the way Kim connects our everyday joys or struggles to the Lord. We all need some smiles and giggles as we look at ourselves and the world.

Submitted by Leland's Barbershop on 04/06/2016

Peggy Veeder, Women's Ministry Leader

Kim spoke for our church March 4-6, 2016. “Diet of Hope” was our theme. Kim spoke on the need for a relationship with the Lord in fellowship, prayer and the word. We loved Kim’s enthusiasm and “down to earth” personality. She wanted to know every ladies name and she did before she left. We had 32 ladies present. I was mostly impressed with Kim’s caring attitude, self- discipline and her need for the Lord herself. Her talks were relevant, touching and Holy Spirit led. It was evident that Kim listened to the Holy Spirit as she spoke. Every lady in our group said to bring her back. She went above and beyond, meeting all our needs.

Submitted by Grace Community Church on 04/06/2016

Linda Sams, Professor

Filled with the Holy Spirit and gifted to share. Kim has a powerful way of sharing with women that leave you feeling inspired and encouraged. I always walk away blessed whenever I hear her speak!

Submitted by Gonzaga University on 04/06/2016

Cindy Baker

Kim speaks from a place of love, brokenness, and compassion. She blessed the women of our church by sharing how we can go through the difficulties of our lives on a diet of hope. She was relatable to those who were struggling through major challenges as well as typical day to day frustrations. Kim was a wonderful addition to our retreat!

Submitted by Grace Community Church on 04/06/2016

Mr. Thomas Long

Kim is an amazing speaker. One of her best speaking qualities is that she has a way of making material simple to understand. She has a way with words that makes her really relatable when she is speaking. Lastly, she is amazing at being in tune with what the Holy Spirit is telling her and is able to flex her talks minutes before she speaks.

Submitted by City Life Church on 04/06/2016