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Edlyn McGarity

Christian Speaker
Cleveland Ohio

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Live your best version!

Live your best version!

Contact Information

Cleveland, OH

Speaking Ministry Details

  • Salvation Date
  • 1990
  • Home Church
  • Faith Family Church, North Canton, Ohio
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  • Experienced (over 10 events)
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More About Edlyn McGarity

Edlyn Sabrina is TEDx Speaker, Certified Jack Canfield Trainer, Transformational Coach, MBA, Actress and Fine Artist who inspires and empowers women to step up to the life that God designed for them, out of the abundance of His love.


I encountered Jesus in Mumbai India at 16, long before I heard the of the term 'believer' or 'born-again'. My spiritual journey encompasses different stages of growth and I am grateful to God for His grace that saved me and brought me this far. I share about my experience in an abusive marriage and with a shattered self-esteem and how He held my hand through it all. 

God  loved 'the world' ( John 3:16) and I believe as Christ-followers, we are called to be the salt( bring flavour, healing, preservation)  and light (giving hope and direction) of the world. Christ is beyond a religion to me. And the best part is that Christ is available to all who call on Him, not just Christians. 

I am a Jack Canfield Certified Trainer, an International Inspirational Speaker and Transformational Coach with a demonstrated history of influencing a wide range of audience. I delivered a TED talk in 2014 where I have boldly shared my spiritual journey and my faith in Jesus.

My  purpose is to inspire and empower people through her talks, workshops, courses and coaching programs to live the best version of themselves in line with their life’s purpose and contribution to the world.

I am a Computer Engineer by qualification, hold an MBA and am a Certified Master Life Coach. I am also a wife, mother, actress and artist.

The combination of my technical skills, creativity and wealth of life experiences living on three continents gives me a unique edge in my approach towards my clientsI  empowers individuals who feel disconnected and seek clarity of direction to experience the freedom that comes with self-awareness and living in alignment with their life’s purpose. God has placed us on Earth for a specific purpose. Most times we are busy living other's lives. But when we live our life by God's design, there is abundance.

I have lived on three continents and speak 6 language. I am comfortable talking to 10 people or 2000. 

I have faced a lot of adversities in my life and have used those experiences to help women who struggle with self-doubt, fear  and overwhelm to regain power over their lives by eliminating their limiting beliefs that inhibit them from living life to the fullest and being their authentic selves. 

I volunteer in the Prison Ministry in the Church and have been part of their Outreach program. We are called to be the Salt and Light of the World and I believe that if each believer emitted light and shared our saltiness, the world would be a different place. 

My signature talks include:

Heroes Vs Background

Choosing your battle

Camera Rolling action!

Being the Salt and light

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