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Kathy Schwanke Recommendations

Submitted by Work From Home on 02/03/2020


On Topic

Kathy is a beautiful soul! She has such a heart and passion for people. So much wisdom and Spirit led advice she gives. If u have a chance to hear her speak. You will be greatly blessed!

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Cindy Cole Nelson And Kathe Matthews

Kathy's smile and deep faith in God draws people quickly into the heart of her message. With the love of Jesus shining through her, Kathy shares personal stories and biblical teaching, leaving the audience with a message they can remember and take home.

Submitted by Road To Joy Ministries on 08/23/2021

Heidi Colbeth, Women’s Event Coordinator

We hosted our first Women’s Event with Kathy being one of our speakers. In the early stages of planning I was able to connect with her for lunch then knowing God put her in our plan. A faith filled woman with a beautiful relationship with God. Kathy was delightful & supportive every step of the way. Kathy has such a gentle, caring, & compassionate demeanor. We enjoyed her time with us at the event. She had us laughing and filled us with His spirit. We hope we will have the opportunity to have her return as a speaker in the future!

Submitted by First Lutheran Church - Clear Lake on 03/15/2021

Madisen Molter

Kathy was a wonderful and engaging speaker. She is very personable and finds ways to tie biblical illustrations into everyday life. Highly recommend having her for your next woman’s retreat!

Submitted by Alliance Bible Church on 03/08/2021

Jodi Welch Women's Ministry Director

Kathy has such a sweet spirit. Our ladies connected with her right from the start. She mingles personal stories with Bibical truth for encouragement in a beautiful way. Her heart for Jesus was evident in every intereaction and through the words she shared. What a Joy Kathy is!

Submitted by Heartland Evangelical Free Church on 02/27/2020

Kim Berndt

Kathy is an authentic speaker, bible teacher with a gift for words which draw you in to experience Jesus in a transformational way.

Her stories shared through life experiences comes from her depth of 'I've been there' which offers a knowing and an understanding that time spend with Kathy is sacred, holy and a save place.

Submitted by Faithbrook Church on 02/04/2020