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Josie Muterspaw

Christian Speaker
Shine Healing Ministries
Cincinnati Ohio

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Every difficult circumstance is a chance to grown in our ability to be more Christ-like!

Every difficult circumstance is a chance to grown in our ability to be more Christ-like!

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Name Shine Healing Ministries
Cincinnati, OH

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More About Josie Muterspaw

Life can be messy, hurtful, and downright confusing. Healing doesn't have to be. Josie is a writer, speaker and Professional Clinical Counselor who has spent the last 14 years working with those who have felt broken, damaged, and not enough. Witnessing their struggle to hope again has molded her passion to become an outspoken voice for those who are held back by their past. Her message of healing is driven by the desire to see others set free to share their unique, God-designed light with the world! Josie has spent most of her professional career designing programs that help others find both freedom from their painful past and a renewed sense of purpose. She and her husband, Nathan, co-founded Shine Healing Ministries and Selah Ranch because they believe there is a difference maker in all of us just waiting to be set free! Their goal is to provide resources and a space where women, families, and ministry leaders can rest and grow deeper in God’s presence, reset their perspective and restore their heart, and be empowered to run their race for Christ!

After specializing in the area of trauma and complex PTSD, Josie realized quickly how daunting the process of overcome life's wounding and unexplainable moments can be. After many hard lessons, it became obvious that no program, therapy technique, or skill could compare to an encounter with God. True healing comes when God’s heart and perspective intersect with our broken places. Josie has spent the last four years creating a healing experience that guides others through this often murky process and connects them with God's truths for their healing. She believes more than anything that with God there is hope and freedom available to all - even in the most devastating of experiences. Josie is dedicated to helping others find freedom from their past so that they can embrace their true identity and SHINE brightly for Christ! Find out more about how Shine Healing Ministries is helping women, families, and ministry teams find hope, freedom, and purpose at www.shinehealing.org. 

Be Bold ~ Be a Light!