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Erin Campbell Recommendations

Submitted by Montgomery Community Baptist Church on 10/29/2015

Dr. Tom Lipsey, Senior Pastor

On Topic

Please allow me the privilege of recommending the person and ministry of Erin Campbell. I have had the honor of being a friend to and pastor of Erin for two years and also the chance to see her up close. Erin is a women full of the Spirit with a deep passion and desire to help others (especially women) come to know their place and position as inheritors of God's promises. She is one who practices what she preaches and exercises a very Christ like attitude. Upon hearing her teach, I am also blessed to sit under her ministry. Hers is a ministry and presence of proclaimation. I strongly commend her and recommend her to you.

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Carol Lucio

Erin's in-depth teaching straight from the Bible cannot be compared to any other. You must have nimble fingers to follow along flipping back-and-forth connecting scripture. She's a teacher unlike any other.

Submitted by Attendee on 09/29/2021

Linda Werner, Aglow Jail Chaplain

I know Erin Campbell as a wonderful woman of God and excellent communicator. I have been a Jail Chaplain for nineteen years and Erin became involved almost four years ago. I've watched her grow in the Word as she taught the women at the Justice Center. I would describe her as a strong woman with a soft heart. She blends her life experiences with the compassion of the Lord, and the end result leaves a big imprint in the lives of those that hear it. She is a woman of integrity and a woman with a great sense of humor. I'm proud to say she's my friend!

Submitted by Aglow on 11/04/2019

Dorothy F. Geverdt, Retired Instructor

I know Erin Campbell as a young woman of purpose and drive to know God intimately through immersing herself His Word, and reading the lives of great Christians. I have watched with joy over the years, as a relatively new believer has developed into a woman after God s own heart. Erin's dedication to studying and memorizing great portions of scripture presents a consistent challenge to me as it does to others who know her. God's truth speaks as she threads remarkable amounts of scripture throughout a message. Her humility, genuineness, sensitivity and keen discernment, enable her to minister to the deep hearts of women, and her enviable professional polish becomes an after-thought as she exudes the abundant personal warmth and joy of Jesus Christ. This young woman's abilities are genuine gifts from the Heavenly Father she adores and Whose glory she most desires to display. It is a sincere honor to recommend Erin as a speaker.

Submitted by Equiping Ministries International on 10/29/2015