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Barb Lownsbury Recommendations

Submitted by Trinity Christian Center on Tuesday, Jul 09, 2019

Kristi Potts

On Topic

Barb has a genuine heart that she speaks from everytime she presents. I was so blessed by her vulnerability and wisdom and found her knowledge easy to follow and easy to apply. I highly recommend her for a variety of events and engagements.

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Jennifer Shock, Women's Pastor

Barb is an engaging and authentic speaker who will challenge her listeners to embrace not only the mountaintop experiences but also the moments in the valley, where we are invited to listen to God's voice and trust Him to accomplish His purposes in our lives when we might not be able to see past the pain. She's fun and funny, vulnerable and passionate. Barb is a living example of someone who offers God her whole life and shows what is possible when we live in faith, not in fear.

Submitted by Vineyard Cincinnati on Tuesday, Jul 16, 2019

Cindy L. Smith

Barb Lownsbury spoke at the Hope Alive! Women's Gathering in June and the women loved her! Barb is very relatable and wove her story throughout the time she shared, engaging the audience with her passion for Jesus and His word. She hung around afterwards and prayed with many of the women, and everyone left feeling hopeful and connected to each other and God. Barb is comfortable speaking to any size group, and they would benefit from what she shares and walk away refreshed. She is spirit led and doesn't promote herself; she promotes Jesus and His powerful healing!

Submitted by Living Hope For Today on Wednesday, Jun 26, 2019