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Barbara Ann Holmes

Christian Speaker
Chesterton Indiana 46304

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"God is a Designer.

"God is a Designer.

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Chesterton, IN 46304
United States of America

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  • Salvation Date
  • 1984
  • Home Church
  • Liberty Bible Church
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  • Experienced (over 10 events)
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More About Barbara Ann Holmes

Encounter light bulb experiences as Barbara Ann Holmes teaches interior design from a Biblical perspective.

Barbara Ann Holmes is a writer, speaker, and the founder, owner, and lead designer of both Lintels & Lallies and Art+Framing.   


 | Workshop Details |

In this exciting workshop, you will study the mind-blowing design-related discoveries God reveals both throughout the Bible and His creation.  You will learn interior design from start to finish but from a Biblical perspective!  Our mission is to give God glory as we recognize, honor, worship, and invite Him into our design process.  

Our workshops bring women closer to God as they learn to see Him in all of their surroundings.  When we ask, seek, knock, and trust His expertise in designing our spaces, the process becomes effortless.  Hidden in His word, He even shows us THE WAY to do it!  

Come away, not only understanding how to draw your space, use tools such as rhythm, pattern, scale, and color--but more importantly, you'll come away better, knowing the God who Designs!

| About Barbara Ann Holmes & Lintels & Lallies | 

Barbara Ann Holmes, speaks at events such as interior design workshops, women’s groups, and church retreats.  Her topics range from “Christ-centered Design” to “Interior Design How-to’s”.

Barbara Ann is the founder, owner, and lead designer of both Lintels & Lallies and Art+Framing (a division of L&L offering custom frames).  Barbara Ann believes every good design begins on the foundation of God our Creator, and the study of His designs and desires for our homes.  Barbara Ann speaks and writes about such topics through various platforms.

Lintels & Lallies collaborates with a diverse group of residential clients, non-for-profit entities, and corporate businesses.  For over ten years, Barbara Ann has led visions for countless remodels, church constructions, offices, spas, and many other unique spaces.

L&L’s designs have been featured in various publications, and have won numerous awards on a platform of over 40 million monthly unique users.  

What are Lintels & Lallies?

"In short, my business name derives from the architectural terms used to construct doorways & give support to the foundation.  Lintels are the headers and lallies are the columns commonly used in basements.  Our team looks beyond the surface of the home with our clients.  We pray over each home and family’s needs.  While we certainly get to design beautiful spaces, our company is built on the solid foundation of deeply rooted Biblical studies and truths that aren’t always seen from the eye.  ‘Lintels & Lallies’ is our reminder to seek beyond what you see, to find the best design.  Christ is the 'door' -- the way, the truth, and the light.  He is also our strength, firm foundation, and cornerstone.  Marrying my passion for the Lord & what He has taught me about design through His hands, is what gets me up in the morning.  It excites and energizes me every time I get to help teach a group of women how to design with God in mind.  The name came to me from a line in an old black and white Cary Grant movie.  God always has a way of getting our attention!”  -Barbara Ann

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