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Kelly Master Recommendations

Submitted by Ruach Glory Ministries on 04/29/2018

Rev. Peggy Gilbert

On Topic

Kelly is a dynamic speaker who will instigate, motivate and challenge her audience to leave the boundaries of church mentality for kingdom mentality. Her love for those who are hurting is boundless, as is her desire to introduce them to Jesus. It's an honor to know her.

Do You Know Kelly Master? Write a Review

Nancy Griffith

Kelly brought fresh life and insight to the ministry we have to young women and their families. Her commitment to bringing hope and truth to broken lives is contagious! She had a message that left others challenged and inspired to take on giants in our culture!

Submitted by New Beginnings Women’s Center on 07/30/2021

Anita Cali, President

Kelly Master is a dynamo, an inspiring force who does not compromise the Word of God and His love for people. I will never say enough good things and I highly recommend her For your group -,she is so much more than a speaker. She demonstrates the power of God in a palpable way. Our entire group was moved to tears and inspired to get involved in making a difference. I guarantee you will be on higher ground when she finishes.

Submitted by Cape May County’s Seaville Aglow Lighthouse on 02/07/2020

Jodi Sparks, Small Group Leader

Kelly Master is one who walks boldly in the anointing God has rested on her. She allows the audience to vividly see Christ’s love in action through her imagery with words. Her vast knowledge of the Bible and being able to apply it to modern day issues such as sex trafficking, strip clubs, abuse, addictions and brokenness are nothing short of captivating and healing. Her testimony is one to shake and activate any crowd. I had the honor of watching her as she warred in prayer and set women free from their bondage and brokenness through her delivery of the power of God’s word.

Her bubbly spirit is intoxicating and her laughter and joy are contagious! I had numerous women show up to my Bible study just because they heard she was going to be there! People connect with her and she takes the time to connect with the audience. She is extremely approachable and absolutely endearing. What a treasure to sit under her teaching! Her authenticity is absolutely refreshing!

Submitted by True North Church on 05/07/2019

Andrea Kimber-Locke

Kelly is firecracker for Jesus! She is a dynamic speaker who exudes the love of Christ for His lost sheep, the Shepherd who leaves the ninety-nine to restore the one. She speaks with humility, humor but with authority and authenticity. She consistently reminds me of my true calling as a disciple of Jesus.
I highly recommend Kelly as a keynote speaker or workshop leader.

Submitted by Rooted In Love on 03/27/2019

Patti White

Just had Kelly at our annual pregnancy center fundraising banquet and it was fantastic! Kelly was extremely engaging with our crowd of several hundred and inspired many to get involved and many to become financial partners. Her passion and love was felt throughout the room! It was one of our best banquets ever! I would highly recommend Kelly to any group desiring an inspirational speaker! We love Kelly!

Submitted by New Beginnings Women's Center on 03/25/2019

Claudia Slater

Kelly Master is a dynamic speaker and lover of God! Her passion for others to reach their full potential clearly shows through. She's transparent, kind, ferocious all rolled up into this vessel of love that holds a no-holds barred barred approach when rescuing the lost. Her speaking will leave you feeling empowered and wanting to hear more!

Submitted by Capstone Home Church on 12/07/2018

Wilmarys Carrion/Ministry Support

I had the opportunity to meet Kelly in one of her conferences and she was absolutely amazing. Her love for others and the knowledge she had impacted everyone in that room. She is passionate about what she does and fed us with lots of important information and tools we needed to continue to learn and grow.

Submitted by Rev on 11/26/2018

Brandi McIver

When Matthew tells us that we are here to be light, bringing out the God-colors in the world, Kelly does just this and she does it well.
We highly respect and value her ministry! Her message is spot on with practical experience and education; you will treasure the time that you had to be around her. Her goodness, passion, and authenticity is contagious!

Submitted by Laced & Loved on 11/26/2018

Kelly Pasda

I had the opportunity to go to a conference of hers recently...woohoo...a "do-er" and one that can equip you too to be the "do-er" regarding the passion God placed in my heart. That means everything to me! Expertise in her field, with a humbling, down-to-Earth yet ON FIRE personality she kept our attention and were FULL when we left. I cant say enough about this sister.

Submitted by Laced And Loved on 11/26/2018

Toyin Fadeyibi

Ms. Kelly Master is a dynamic woman of God, one who has experienced and continues to experience the love of the Father...and as such now walks every day passionately loving those that come her way. Her ministry to women who work in the sex industry is a true labor of love, and one that she does with so much joy! She is a unique asset to the body of Christ, and having now heard her minister quite a few times - i can assure you, your fire will be burning brighter after you experience her ministry of the word!

Submitted by Member, Harvest Time Christian Fellowship on 11/24/2018

Brent Galbreath

We had Kelly speak at our church a couple of months ago. While I had gotten to know her pretty well, I had never actually heard her speak but heard from others that she does a tremendous job. That was an understatement! She came prepared, well spoken, was encouraging, and extremely motivating. I could not recommend her more and look forward to her coming back to speak at our church again.

Submitted by Calvary Hill Church on 11/21/2018

Co-Pastor Cyndy Wiggins

Kelly Master...indeed a powerful woman of God! She comes with a powerful message of Love, Hope, Faith, and Deliverance!

Sis. Kelly was the guest speaker for our Women of Worship Weekend Service last year! She was Absolutely Amazing!! The Anointing on her life is just impeccable...she is a major threat to devil and his camp!

She teaches and preaches the unadulterated Word of God! If you are seeking and looking for lives to be transformed, you need to consider having Kelly Master as a guest. We are actually setting a date for Kelly to return back to Grow In Grace Ministries for another dynamic weekend! (WOW)

My husband and Pastor: Pastor Dennis LeVon Wiggins was also blessed by Kelly’s victorious testimony and words of inspiration!!

Love & Blessing!
Co-Pastor Cyndy G. Wiggins
Grow In Grace Ministries
~Blackwood, NJ

Submitted by Grow In Grace Ministries Cogic on 05/05/2018

Minister Delores Randall

There are several things about Kelly that qualifies her as a great public speaker. For starters, Kelly is very passionate about her cause and her sincerity is extremely evident as she speaks. Next, Kelly is naturally enthusiastic. Also, Kelly is thoroughly knowledgeable in all aspects of her cause and has a wealth of experience. When you put it all together: her passion, enthusiasm, knowledge and experience, you end up with a very dynamic speaker who absolutely captives and educates her audience to the place of personal challenge and change. Finally, Kelly’s love for God and man will move the complacent into real conviction.

Submitted by Kingdom Village Ministries on 05/03/2018

Tammy Adams

I have worked with Kelly for six years now. She’s infectious, contagious, inspirational and motivational and I highly recommend her. It’s been a privilege to work with her.

Submitted by Associate on 05/03/2018

Lindsay White

I have personally known Kelly for many years. She is a dynamic, engaging speaker. She presents truths that need to be spoken in a very honest, yet relatable manner. I highly recommend Kelly! I have heard her speak to both small and large crowds and am constantly amazed at her gift of communicating so well in either circumstance.

Submitted by Kingsway Church on 05/03/2018

Juanita George Bible study Leader

I just heard Kelly speak yesterday.
What God has done in her life and is doing through her in others, Is exactly what the Gospel is about!

Submitted by Kingsway Church on 05/02/2018

Ray Shannon, Senior Pastor

We have known Kelly since she was a teenager. She has always had a fire for God and people. Her passion is infectious and will light a fire in those who hear her preaching.
She and her team are willing to do what's necessary to help those who are captives to be set free. She is a 10 in our opinion.

Submitted by Good News Family Worship Center on 05/01/2018

Jeff Borkoski

Kelly is a "10" as far as speakers go, but she's much more than a speaker. Her passion for Jesus and for "the least of these" oozes out of her and inspires everyone within earshot. She's on a mighty mission to bring the good news of Jesus to the darkest corners of our world. Here's what I love about Kelly: She's "on fire" without being weird! So refreshing! She's fun, normal, down-to-earth, engaging, and compassionate. We LOVE having Kelly with us. People turn out to hear her and bring their friends as well. HIGHLY recommended!

Submitted by Relevant Church on 05/01/2018

Pastor Devin Peterson

Kelly Master has to be one of the best speakers, not just one of the best female, but one of the best speakers that I have personally had the privilege to sit under. Her passion and love truly shows and comes to life. She's funny and entertaining and can keep you on the edge of your seat yet knows how to bring you right back to tears when sharing her compassion. I would listen to her many times over.

Submitted by The Cave Ministries on 05/01/2018

Tim Checetto

Words can not describe how much this woman has impacted my life. Everyone can talk to you but Kelly reaches you. She's been there, where you are, when you feel you're at rock bottom. She doesn't just stand behind the pulpit preaching to the people that come to church, she brings God's love to them. She opens her arms to those that most people would shun. I have never seen such a raw, honest speaker, that truly opens her heart and loves every person that crosses her path.

Submitted by Hospitality on 04/30/2018

Carl Thomas | COO

Kelly is a passionate and dynamic speaker. She knows how to capture the attention and the hearts of her listeners.

Submitted by Xxxchurch on 04/30/2018

Karen leone

Kelly is truly one of the most encouraging and dynamic speakers I have seen and heard! She is full of the spirit and love! She puts her heart and soul into the work that God has for her! Not only does she bless those who are hurting and in need of love but she blesses all who hear her speak. Through Kelly the spirit literally draws you in to want to be a blessing to others !!

Submitted by Relevant Church on 04/30/2018

Rev. Dr. Inez Shanks

Throughout the years I have known Kelly Master she has been an exemplary person of tremendous character with a heart of compassion. I have heard Kelly speak on several occasions and it is indisputable that her loving spirit is authentic. She encourages and strengthens others as she reaches out through speaking engagements. Without reservation, I recommend Kelly Masters becoming a speaker in the association of Christian Women Speaker.

Submitted by New Life In Christ Holistic Ministries on 04/30/2018

Shamala Abshire

Kelly Master is such a phenomenal speaker! She is so passionate and has a heart for the broken and hurting. Her heart is as big as Texas! She is an amazing woman of God! She is an inspiration to me and so many.

Submitted by Women's Ministry on 04/30/2018

Kathy Mercado

Kelly is such a dynamic speaker, she truly has been given a gift from God, which she uses exceptionally well in the arena he purposed her for. Her message is so powerful and it is so beautiful how she shows love and caring for the children of God who really need her. I am truly blessed to know her.

Submitted by True North Church on 04/30/2018

Reverend Randy Van Osten

From the first time that I heard Kelly leading a few women in a Bible Study in my coffee shop, her passion and love for Jesus and people flowed forth as she shared about God, faith, and the Word of God. Kelly is a dynamic speaker who not only preaches the Word of God but lives it out with every breath that she takes. Once you meet Kelly, you'll never forget her or the message that she shared with you. She is absolutely an incredible woman of God who brings the Word of God!

Submitted by First Baptist Church Of Pitman on 04/30/2018

Lindajean Luca

I have been blessed to serve with Kelly Master for the past 3 years as a member of her strip club outreach. Kelly has inspired me with her deep commitment to love God by loving and encouraging women in the adult industry. I have prayed with her and sat under her teaching and have not failed to be moved toward greater compassion each time I am with her. Kelly has been a significant influence in my personal prayer life and I highly recommend her as a speaker and teacher.

Submitted by Fordignity on 04/30/2018

Matt Riccardi, Youth Leader, Politician

I am writing on behalf of the one of a kind Kelly Smith-Master. She is a rock solid, Bible believing, chain breaking, enemy shattering Christian. From her heart to her enthusiasm she is a world class leader who is gifted by the Almighty with a unique passion to reach into the darkness and proclaim the Light! She loves Christ and that love pours out of her every time she speaks. She's a dynamo and a competitor. I highly recommend this amazing Sister as a speaker, presenter and ambassador for the Prince of Peace. May she be given the time to use her gifts and stand for Jesus in these times! Amen.


Matt R.

Submitted by Nj Constitution Coalition on 04/29/2018

Lorrie Braddock, Women's Ministry Coordinator, Pastor's Wife

Kelly ministers the Word of God with a passion and anointing that challenges hearers to be agents of change in their world. Her message isn’t just meant to stir us, but to move us to surrender our lives in obedience to whatever God would have us to do to touch hurting lives with His healing love. Lynn Hybels said this: “A dangerous woman is alive! She knows she is deeply loved by God and grounds herself daily in that love. She delves deeply into the truth about who she is and claims her unique temperament, gifts, passions, and dreams. She refuses to let fear stop her as she responds to God’s calling on her life. And out of her fully alive heart, she radically engages with the needs of the world.” That describes Kelly Master, her message, and her ministry. I would strongly encourage you to invite Kelly to your event.

Submitted by Crossroads Ag on 04/29/2018

Pastor Bryan Jones

We’ve had the honor and pleasure of having Kelly with us a few times. Kelly is as genuine as it gets and her love for others shines through her! She is a dynamic speaker and speaks to the heart of the people, Kelly has done fantastic work in the sex trade industry for the Kingdom of God rescuing the hurt and broken. I highly recommend bringing Kelly in to speak as the Lord would lead you to do so. I know we will be bringing her back as much as possible.

Submitted by The Cave Ministries on 04/29/2018

Phil Sanders (Drisco) *Outreach Coordinator/Recording Artist*

Kelly Master is the most captivating and passionate speaker I've ever encountered! I admire Her heart and compassion for broken women and conviction to use her voice and influence to advocate and show the love of God to those who feel they have no hope! Im so excited about the future of the lives that are being impacted by Kellys ministry everyday! She is truly a voice of hope for the kingdom that needs to be heard all around the world!

-Phillip Sanders aka Drisco

Submitted by Rhema Life Church (philadelphia, Pa) on 04/29/2018

Katie Thomas

Kelly is a passionate, engaging speaker. After hearing Kelly speak I was compelled to action. You will leave changed after hearing this Spirit filled firecracker!

Submitted by Recover.org on 04/29/2018

Kathryn Cruz, Adjunct Professor

As a professor, I have invited Kelly several years in a row to speak to my sociology class. She is inspiring on a whole new level! Her personal passion and her knowledge of social justice continually impresses me and my students. Her energy is contagious and her spirit is so engaging.

Submitted by Eastern University on 04/29/2018

Erin Lawler Patterson, High School Addictions Counselor

Kelly is dynamic, inspiring and as real as it gets. She has presented to our students for the past five years and always has them on the edge of their seats. Whether speaking to students or adults she is captivating all while exuding compassion and wisdom. She's as good as it gets!

Submitted by Lenape Regional School District on 04/29/2018

Pastor Tiffany Gilmore

Kelly Master is such a vivacious and fierce woman of God that speaks with passion and compassion. Her larger than life personality draws in the most diverse and sophisticated crowd. I have heard Kelly speak on several occasions and I am honored to provide a recommendation.

Submitted by New Life In Christ Holistic Ministries on 04/29/2018

Evangelist Jimmy Wiggins

I have had the pleasure of hearing Mrs. Master speak on several occasions. There can be not doubt that the lord our God almighty is moving powerfuly through her, Reaching out to the lost and broken with the power of the Holy ghost and the fathers hand of mercy guiding her; She is an annoited speaker and a wonderful woman of God.

Submitted by The Cave Minisitres on 04/29/2018

Pastor Angela Jones

Kelly Master is a powerful speaker. She exudes the love of Jesus while preaching unbridled truth that will set you free. Kelly's love & compassion for people is truly a gift from God. She has a powerful testimony & does not sugar coat the Word of God. The pulpit at The Cave Ministries is always open to her.

Submitted by The Cave Ministries on 04/29/2018

Darlene Anderson

I am pleased to recommend Kelly Master. She is a dynamic and inspiring speaker who has a unique ability to reach people who are struggling with addictions, trials, or struggles of many kinds. She also inspires others to step outside of their comfort zones in order to love their neighbor, whoever that might be.

Submitted by Education on 04/29/2018