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Deb Mantel Recommendations

Submitted by Capital Baptist Church on 10/31/2015

Pam Spires, Director of Women's Ministry

On Topic

Deb was the perfect choice for our retreat. Her testimony is riveting - tragedy turned triumphant through God's healing and grace. Her message gave us a fresh reminder of God's love for us and His desire for us to live as accepted and beloved daughters of the King. She was warm, genuine, and gracious - a true vessel of Christian love. I would highly recommend her.

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Vicki Cramer, Director of Women's Ministries

I can't say enough good to describe Deb. She is very professional, her messages and music were deep and heartfelt, and she is also fun to sing songs around the campfire! We had a great Retreat and I would recommend Deb Mantel all day long.

Submitted by Orchard Grove Community Church on 09/23/2021

Lisa Black

Deb recently spoke at our ladies spa day. This is the second time I've had the pleasure of working with her. Her expertise as a professional organizer as well as her love for Jesus and her heart for women make her an ideal speaker. Her words are practical and impactful. The ladies at the event truly enjoyed having her with us. I highly recommend her.

Submitted by Woodside Bible Church - White Lake on 02/03/2019

Mike Frison, Associate Pastor

Deb Mantel and her family have been members of Knox Presbyterian Church in Ann Arbor for over six years, and members of our denomination (Evangelical Presbyterian Church) for more than twenty years. Since coming to Knox, Deb has participated in worship, both leading worship and providing solo pieces. She is a gifted songwriter, and our church sings several of her songs during worship. She has been involved in our support group for young mothers--leading a small group, leading worship and guest speaking and teaching. In addition, Deb co-founded a ministry for women in Ann Arbor called getREAL, which is a monthly Friday night out for women to worship, hear inspiring testimonies and enjoy a beautiful coffee house setting they create in the Knox atrium. Deb and her husband Corey have three sons, two of whom attend a private Christian college in Michigan. Deb has been speaking and singing at events since I’ve known her.....

Submitted by Knox Presbyterian Church on 10/31/2015

Mary Ann Leland, Director

"Deb Mantel has an amazing ability to weave her personal testimony with her music, much of which she has written, inspiring us to bring our deepest sorrows to the compassionate, life-giving Son of God. She allows us to look into her real-life stories, where she gets real and is touched by the Lord in personal, life-changing ways. Deb has ministered at several of our events and I recommend her highly."

Submitted by Tree Of Life Ministries on 10/31/2015

Pam Dodge, Director of Spiritual Formation and Women's Ministries

Many women expressed appreciation for Deb's timely messages and great music; both calming and reflective. We will certainly use her again.

Submitted by Ward Presbyterian Church on 10/31/2015