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Kelley Wesley

Christian Speaker
Charlestown Georgia 02129

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If You're talking about me I must be a great subject!

If You're talking about me I must be a great subject!

Contact Information

Position Christian Woman Speaker
Charlestown, GA 02129
United States of America

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  • Salvation Date
  • 1987
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  • Power Action Ministries
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More About Kelley Wesley

Kelley M. Wesley


Highly Recommended

Originally Kelley is from Seattle, WA. She moved from Seattle to Atlanta in April of 1999.  Kelley is regarded as one of the most compelling, powerful and engaging motivational speakers. Her expertise shines through in that she can reach audiences and take them on a journey through her pleasant and engaging spirit. She is truly a dynamic and energetic motivational speaker, facilitator, counselor and consultant that know how to captivate her audience.  Kelley inspires her audience to reach for success by embracing positive thinking, repositioning themselves around others who are successful and living their dreams and helping them to understand what it takes to achieve their dream and to bring them into fruition.

For over 25 years Kelley has worked in the Social and Human Service Arena beginning her career as a Domestic Violence Housing Counselor and Advocate, Residential Treatment Specialist for Adolescent At Risk teen mothers and currently a Residential Service Assistant for Adults with Special Needs/Mental Illness who attends a psychosocial day program.  

In December of 1998 Kelley wrote her first piece that was featured in the community newspaper called “THE FACTS”.  The piece was entitled, “SISTAHS IN THE WORKPLACE.”  The article encouraged women to learn how to work together in the workplace in harmony and peace

and to recognize and appreciate others gifts, talents and strengths as well as their own. In May of 2009, “INSPIRATIONS FROM THE HEART OF GOD” was published by iUniverse.  She has also been a guest on Atlanta Live TV57 where she also volunteers as a prayer partner and on occasion does the “pitch.”

Kelley is also perusing her Bachelors degree at DeVry University majoring in Communications with Emerging Media.  She has been on the Dean’s List twice and continues to strive towards her educational goals.

Not only is Kelley an author but she is also a facilitator. In September of 2011 she facilitated her first writer’s workshop, assisting those writers who were looking to jump start their writing careers and helping them to use the tools and information to do so.   Kelley’s goal is to help you build a better life with a new you in mind.

Kelley can be reached by Face book, or e-mail, vizionsofchange@yahoo.com.

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