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Donna Lott Recommendations

Submitted by Christian Speaker And Author on 05/26/2023

Laura Petherbridge, Christian Speaker And Author

On Topic

The world will seem a little brighter after you hear Donna Lott speak. With humor and majestic insight she provides an answer to the age-old question, ‘Where is God when the bottom falls out of life?’ Donna’s faith will encourage you, her joy will enlighten you, and her sweet spirit will comfort you.”

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LeAnne Martin, Blogger, Freelance Writer, And Women's Bible Study Leader

Donna Lott is a godly, warm, and caring speaker who has a deep love for the Lord, a wealth of biblical knowledge, a big heart for her audience, and a refreshing sense of humor. She's professional, sensitive to the needs of her meeting planner and the group, and a willing partner in the success of any event where she speaks. I have seen her speak several times, the latest of which was at a retreat that I helped to plan. She was a dream to work with, and the women loved her. Many of them said they want to invite her back, and I'm not surprised. The Lord worked through her to teach and touch our group, and I'm sure he does that wherever she goes. I highly recommend Donna Lott.

Submitted by Glimsen.net on 02/07/2022

Terri Stokes

I have attended several of Donna Lott's speaking engagements and her messages are always overflowing with scripture and humor. Her faith and personal testimony will encourage and inspire you. Donna is a blessing to those who hear her and come in contact with her. Her down-to-earth personality makes it easy for her audiences to feel connected with her and like they've known her for a long time.

Submitted by Self on 09/12/2019

Stephannie Martin

Whether Donna is working with a group of a few people or if she’s working with several hundred, she treats each one with the highest amount of integrity and professionalism. I would highly recommend her for any of your speaking needs. Donna has a way of delivering powerful, insightful, messages with professionalism and relatability. You will not be disappointed!

Submitted by Educator on 09/08/2019

Barbara McKnight

Donna is a gifted and engaging speaker with the ability to customize her presentation to connect with any audience. Her genuine love for the Lord shows as she shares her journey with RP, a rare vision disorder, which has taught her to walk by faith, not by sight. Donna weaves the message of God’s love and grace throughout her presentation with humor and joy.

Submitted by Prayer Partner on 08/28/2019

Becky Terry, Women's Ministry Team

Donna is a delight! From start to finish, her commitment to excellence is evident. Donna's desire to see your vision for the event through leads to great messages backed by much diligence and prayer. Her heart for women blessed our ladies at our retreat and they loved her!

Submitted by Dunwoody Community Church on 08/27/2019

Ruth Trippy, Writer & Speaker

Audiences will experience comfort, lighthearted laughter, and inspiration for their lives when Donna Lott speaks. She brings a breath of fresh air! Because of visual impairment, Donna cannot see well with her physical eyes, but sees, oh so clearly, with the eyes of her heart. Donna has lived her talks. She's genuine. She's authentic, the whole package.

Submitted by American Christian Fiction Writers on 08/27/2019

Mary Messer

I have had the honor of knowing Donna Lott for many years. She is an inspiration to all who hear her or come in contact with her. She totally and completely trusts and relies on God's guidance and direction in every area of her life, including her speaking. She spends many hours alone with God and her computer to prepare for every speaking engagement. He inspires her and leads her, often even through humor, to encourage and point others to Him. He has gifted Donna with a love for and a natural connection with women. Any group would be blessed, encouraged and inspired by Donna! She is an amazing person and speaker!

Submitted by No Company on 08/21/2019

Allison Smith

Donna's testimony about how God has sustained her through her vision loss is totally amazing. Her story about losing her ability to open her Bible and read it sent chills up my spine and put tears in my eyes. Yet her messages are overflowing with Scripture she has poured into her memory. And she does all of that with so much humor. I wanted to cry one minute and laugh the next. She is a blessing to all those who hear her speak!

Submitted by Grace Weigh on 08/20/2019

Frankie Sherman, Christian Speaker & Author

Donna is hilarious, godly, and handles the Word of God reverently. Your women will love her.

Submitted by Perfect Timing Ministries on 05/16/2019

Dot Fordham , Former Executive Board Member, GA WMU & WEM

Though Donna Lott is physically blind, she is ‘filled to running over’ with the LIGHT of God’s love! You will find that her love for God and His Word simply oozes out as she speaks. She has a beaming, animated ability to ‘communicate Jesus’ through moving personal testimony, discerning stories, and good-natured, heart warming humor. She writes as freshly and vibrantly as she speaks! Her priceless devotional book [Holding to an Unseen Hand] will tug at your heart strings and ‘bless your socks off!’ I highly recommend Donna as a conference leader or for a weekend retreat.

Submitted by Georgia Wmu And Wem on 10/31/2015