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Lauren Alexander Recommendations

Submitted by Odon Christian Church on 01/26/2021

Sina Gilbert, Women’s Ministry

On Topic

Lauren is an engaging and dynamic speaker. She speaks to the heart of women with grace, truth, and compassion. Her messages are relevant and applicable to her audience. It is obvious each message has been prayed over and given to God to direct.

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Andrea Brock

I love when Lauren speaks. She isn't afraid to get vulnerable and she does a great job connecting motherhood things to scripture. I always leave feeling encouraged in my Christian faith and in my role as a mother. 

Submitted by Seymour Mom2mom on 09/18/2023

Susan Jablonski

Lauren has joined our group for the past three years and each time she has shared a powerful, relatable, Spirit-filled message. I appreciate her ability to weave her life experiences with Scripture in a way that is applicable to the lives of the moms in our group. She is warm, funny, and genuine. We have truly loved having her join us and getting to know her.  Lauren is such a blessing and is being used by God in ladies ministry. 

Submitted by Seymour Mom2mom on 09/17/2023

Jan Spanger

Lauren brings authenticity and excitement to the pulpit!! She engages her audience with her humor, wit and sincerity. She is spirit filled and genuinely cares that her audience understands God's love for them. We always have a huge turn out when our congregation knows she will be speaking. Her joy is contagious and everyone leaves the evening blessed by the excitement with which she presents the message. She comes highly recommended within our community. She is well loved!!

Submitted by Bethel Church on 07/10/2023

Jane Tiek

Lauren is an inspiring, energetic speaker. She is motivational. She injects appropriate humor and shares real life experiences. Lauren glorifies God as a speaker.

Submitted by Bethel Church on 03/07/2023

Becky Stutzman, Ladies Ministry Leader

We have been so blessed to have Lauren come to Florida twice to speak to our ladies! Her genuine love for the Lord, and for others comes through in everything she does! Straightforward, biblical teaching and in such a relatable often humorous way. She takes the time to get to know the ladies and genuinely connect. We are having her join us for a third time next fall. Highly, highly recommend.

Submitted by Abundant Life Church on 12/15/2022

Jessica Parker - Event Planner

Lauren is a true treasure and has such a way of captivating an audience with her humor, unwavering truth in the word, and incomparable personality. She spoke virtually to our annual women’s conference this year and somehow made it feel as though we were all right there together. It went off without a hitch and we received many compliments on her moving message. I would recommend Lauren time and time again for any women’s events. She is such a blessing!

Submitted by Rise Up Womens Conference on 11/11/2022

Lorna Troutman

Lauren does a wonderful job with her inspirational events. Her sincerity really highlights the events and touches the heart and soul of those attending. Nothing but great feedback from those attending our church event. Full house once they knew who was speaking.

Submitted by Dover Hill Christian Union Church on 08/05/2022

Aryanna Watters, Director

Lauren was an amazing speaker for our youth camp. She spoke to about 100 kids between the ages of 7-19 and every single kid was paying attention. She shows how God loves to have fun. We will definitely be asking her to come back!

Submitted by Survivor Camp on 07/31/2022

Ross Steele, Pioneer

Lauren was the only one of our speakers who stayed for all six sessions. She engaged with not only our team, but even the young adult attendees more than I could have ever asked for. I know specifically, one 28 year old female who had a divine encounter with the Lord through Lauren’s message and prayers over her afterwards. I hope to have her back every time as long as she is willing.

Submitted by Revision Conference on 07/25/2022

Suzanne Peck

Lauren is lady that lives her message and allows God to use her in any way. She brings everything to every session.

Submitted by Long View Ranch on 11/11/2021

Mary Hall/Womens Ministry Director

We loved having Lauren for our Breakfast Tea and Testimony event. She spoke the truth of God’s word and was a very engaging and entertaining speaker. We will invite her back again.

Submitted by The River Church on 04/25/2021

Michelle Halter

Lauren did an absolutely amazing job at our event. Her topic dealt with questions we ask of God and questions others ask us as Believers about God.
Why do things happen? Why does God let things happen? How do you speak to an Unbeliever about God?
Lauren guided us to answers for the questions and delivered so much more!
She was funny at times, serious at times, and presented her message in a way that you just didn’t want her to quit speaking!
You would never go wrong, nor never be disappointed by having Lauren Alexander be your guest speaker.

Submitted by Wheatland Christian Church Women’s Fellowship Breakfast on 04/12/2021

Jamie Durrua Board Member

I would highly recommend Lauren Alexander! We had women at our event ranging in age from 16-91 years old. She connects to each age group through humorous stories, poignant life experiences and most importantly a strong foundation in God’s word. You can’t help but love Lauren and Jesus more after an event lead by Lauren Alexander.

Submitted by Long View Ranch on 03/24/2021

Jackie Davidson

Lauren Alexander was the speaker at a women’s retreat that I attended in February 2020 the first time I heard Lauren she caught my attention and kept it. She was able to mix her preaching with drawing you into the scriptures and bringing them to life today. She easily transitioned from scripture to humorous stories about her life and then how that scripture impacted her life that would grip your heart and show you how you were just like her and the Bible was applicable to your every day living! Lauren was able to show her amazing love for God and the scriptures. She has an uncanny way of seeing scripture and applying that scripture to your life right now! She is not afraid to step up and give some very hard truths in a very approachable manner that makes you feel loved instead of condemned! If you ever have a chance to hear her speak I would go out of my way to hear her! She has a genuine love of the Lord that she draws you into sharing with her.

Submitted by Long View Ranch Women’s Retreat on 03/21/2021

Candace - MOPS Coordinator

Lauren was such a blessing to our group. We were in need of a speaker at the last minute, as we had a cancellation, and Lauren stepped right up and recorded a presentation for us with just a few short days notice. Her love of God and knowledge of scripture shined through her presentation and she had a way of talking to each and every woman there even through a pre-recorded experience. I am thankful to have gotten to know her better through this experience and know that she will continue to enrich others’ lives through her presentations.

Submitted by Lifepark Mops Group on 03/09/2021

Holly Myers

Lauren is one of the most gifted communicators I have heard. She speaks with such passion and love for the gospel. Her authenticity and depth of Gods word is mind blowing. She truly is amazing and I highly recommend her for your next event.

Submitted by Holly Myers on 02/16/2021

Sandra Bowman

Lauren is a passionate speaker who clearly loves the Lord. I've heard her speak on numerous occasions on several topics and have never been disappointed. One of the best things about Lauren's teaching is her vulnerability...she's open and honest about not having it all figured out and not having a perfect life.

Submitted by Celebrate Recovery on 02/07/2021

Brandy Wade - Women's Ministry Coordinator

Lauren was so easy to work with. After she came to speak at our women's ministry event we heard excellent feedback from women of all ages! Her sense of humor and honesty really connected with everyone in the crowd, which is no easy feat! I would love to work with her again in the future. I really can't recommend her highly enough.

Submitted by Linton First Christian Church on 01/28/2021

Nancy Tilly, Bethel Church elder and friend

Lauren Alexander, is the busy mother of four children and one who brings hope to women of all ages and backgrounds. Her message, "Reclaimed and Renamed," was one of two events in which she shared inspiring words with 100 women at our annual Lenten Breakfasts. On several occasions, she was filled with energy for delivering the Word of God to our congregation and in conversations with those gathered to hear more. She is a spiritual leader in the Emmaus community and through each weekend has guided ninety women to a deeper relationship with Our Father. Her sweet spirit and her ministry have been a beacon to our community.

Submitted by Bethel Church on 01/27/2021