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Laura Sommons Recommendations

Submitted by America's Keswick on 09/14/2021

Joyce Hayes, Womens Event Coordinator

On Topic

Laura is professional and pleasant. Her presentation is well planned, and communicated effectively. She was transparent and the women identified with her struggles. She gave practical and Biblical insight that was well received. I recommend her for your event.

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Woman's Ministry Team

Laura has a down to earth attitude and a sincere heart to serve the Lord and encourage women by pointing them to the Word of God. Her desire is to remind us that we are SO loved by God and to keep that great love in mind as we are called to serve Him wherever we are placed by Him!

Submitted by Crossroads Bible Church on 09/19/2021

Anne Newberry, Women's Ministry Director

We had the BEST time with Laura! She absolutely can capture a room, is so relatable, also she is so incredibly passionate about everyone getting to experience Jesus. No matter where you come from or where you are at, she lets Ladies know that they can experience an amazing relationship with Jesus, to the fullest! i had a retreat with 60 women and I can say, they all left the room talking about hw Laura had touched them!

Submitted by Philadelphia District Church Of The Nazarene on 05/14/2021

Heather Damiani

Laura Sommons is a wife and mother of three daughters who graciously gave of her heart and time by speaking to the women's group of Family Worship Center in Lansdale PA.
Laura's message on Joy stirred and encouraged my heart. She challenged us to be fully committed to Jesus Christ. Her love and passion for the Lord was evident through her kindness and her unwavering faith. You could just see it in her eyes. One of the scriptures she shared spoke volumes to me.
Psalms 16:11
You will grant me the the joy of living in your presence forever.

Submitted by Family Worship Center on 11/07/2019

Andrea Orr

I had never met Laura before. She was a speaker at a ladies’ retreat that my church offered. Laura was, quite simply, amazing. She was kind, thoughtful, spoke clearly and from the heart. It was obvious that she had studied up on the subject we were discussing and she shared insight that the Holy Spirit had placed on her heart.
I would love to hear more from her!

Submitted by Retreat Member on 06/13/2019

Amy Stott

Laura spoke at our Ladies Advent Dinner "Living Expectantly". What a blessing that evening was learning about Anna, What kind of women are we as we wait? Are we women who live a life of expectancy, waiting for our King to come? I know I certainly struggle with waiting, but God's timing is everything. Laura kept me engaged, she made me laugh and was just the sweetest speaker. Afterwards I texted a friend and said "We need Laura for our next Ladies Retreat." Thank you for your willingness to come to our event, for walking along side as we prepared for the evening and making it a night to remember. Looking forward to hearing you speak again!

Submitted by Calvary Bible Fellowship Church on 12/18/2018

Beth Newell

Laura spoke at our Women's retreat this past April. She was amazing! She is very passionate about her live for the Lord & teaching His Word. I found her yo be very enthusiastic whilecteaching & eady to listen to & follow what she was teaching. I would highly recommend her to any ladies event as a dynamic & fun speaker!

Submitted by Cedar Crest Bible Fellowship Member on 06/06/2018

Tracey Hickok

Laura is a dear Sister in Christ. She is an encourager and she lavishly loves women. Laura has a heart-felt desire to ful-fill women with the teachings of God's Word. She provides women with wisdom as she digs deep into God's Word.

Laura has recently challenged me and convicted me of some things from a Women's Retreat I attended. The personal challenge that I walked away with was to strengthen my growth in trusting the Lord and to not look for other things to fill me up, but to dwell in Scripture for truth. Laura convicted me that I need to be "other centered" (never thinking of myself, like Jesus never thought of Himself). I'm convicted that I need to connect with others and to share what God has done in my own life. She is encouraging me to more present in others presence just as God's presence is always present in us.

Laura is the REAL DEAL and speaks in love and truth.

Submitted by Private Individual on 03/26/2018

Mrs. Carol Barry

How incredibly blessed I was to take part in a women's retreat where Laura Sommons was our speaker. In every session, it was as though God was speaking directly to me through her message. God not only has gifted her in communicating His Word soundly, He enabled her to speak in such a way that I knew His love for me in a very special way. She spoke in Spirit and Truth, and I left the weekend encouraged and challenged in ways only God knew I needed challenge. In speaking with other ladies who attended, I know many more were blessed, as I'm confident anyone who brings her in to speak will be!

Submitted by Bsf Substitute Teaching Leader on 03/17/2018

Judy Ann Sicardi

Now that the busy season of Christmas is behind me, I am taking a moment to reflect on the memories that matter most and made lasting impressions on my spiritual life. I fondly recall a holiday brunch I attended. Laura Sommons was the guest speaker. She shared intimate details of her everyday life. All in attendance laughed and cried. It was like looking in the mirror. Her message and scripture, challenged me in a new way. " What would I be doing when Jesus returned? How would he find me? How was I preparing for the King of Kings?" Thank you Laura for serving up a banquet of truth, for the holiday season and beyond. You reminded me, life should always be a sweet celebration of our Lord and Savior. He has always been what truly matters in every season of life. Your graceful sharing of gospel truth touched my heart, refreshed my soul and refocused my attention, reminding me to keep my gaze upon Jesus, prepare with joy, and wait in excitement for his return. I

Submitted by Ebenezer Bible Fellowship Church on 01/04/2018

Jennifer Hoy, Women's Ministry Team

Laura is an engaging speaker who speaks vulnerably from her heart. She loves the Lord and desires for others to fall in love with Him too. She spoke at our Christmas brunch and encouraged our ladies to be waiting expectantly for when we will meet him face to face, just as Anna waited for many decades to see the Messiah. Her enthusiasm for the Lord is contagious.

Submitted by Ephrata Bible Fellowship Women's Ministry on 01/03/2018

Mary Smith

Laura shared at our weekend women's retreat in May. As she shared and ministered at each of our sessions it was like sitting across the kitchen table and sharing a cup of tea and conversation. Laura shares real life situations to help the scriptures become real, understandable and applicable to our lives.
Taking time to get to know us, have conversations, listen, pray with and share the entire time with us. It was as if we were friends for years.
And yes we will invite her to share with us again?

Submitted by Womans Retreat on 06/09/2017

Kim C.

Laura has such a sweet precious spirit about her. Her ability to be transparent about her struggles and share the truth about God's love has a huge impact on those who hear her. Laura is a blessing and her heart and beauty shine!

Submitted by Women's Power Surge on 05/26/2017

Audrey Newton

Laura spoke at our Women's Retreat in the Pocono Mts. Her topic was "Come to the Well". It was a truly inspiring time for our women. Laura shared from her heart, strongly praising God for all that has taken place in her life and family. I would certainly recommend Laura as a speaker for any event where women need encouraging, or growth in trusting the Lord. All our women were refreshed after the sessions with Laura. She is a real blessing from God.

Submitted by Covenant Women's Retreat on 05/13/2017

Diane Runkel

Laura did a 2-day, 3 session retreat for us in Lancaster. She was engaging, genuine and loved by all the women at our retreat! She participated in our small group discussions and even played Quizzo with us in the evening! A real gem!!

Submitted by The Blue Church on 05/08/2017

Amy Reed, pastor's wife

This is the second time our church has had the privilege of having Laura speak to our women's group. Laura got our attention at the beginning of her talk with a bit of humor and the ladies were immediately put at ease. She is so real and that comes across well. Laura has a unique gift of gentleness in her presentation style, all while sticking close to scripture. She is challenging, engaging, wise, and caring. We will not hesitate to ask her back many times for any women's event!

Submitted by First Baptist Church Allentown on 04/10/2017

Jane Mikesell, Office Manager & Pastor's Wife

I highly recommend Laura for a speaking engagement. We recently had a Women Connecting to Women luncheon event and everyone thoroughly enjoyed Laura. She is very personable and really connected to the women, both with her humor and great personality, as well as spiritually.

Submitted by Calvary Wesleyan Church on 10/17/2016

Lynne Head, LPC, counselor to missionaries and those in ministry

I have known Laura for nearly 25 years. She has been an abundant blessing in my life in friendship and in spurring my heart to be steadfast when things were tough as a missionary and pastor's wife. Laura's life and love for God are contagious. You will experience God's love spilling into your presence when you have her speak for your group. You will be changed by the evidence of God's grace having met her and being taught God's word by her.

Submitted by World Team, Warrington, Pa on 05/24/2016

Jessie Seneca, Author and speaker

Laura is committed to following God's call on her life through deep dedication to the Word of God and sensitivity to the Spirit. She is authentic in her approach and effectively relates to people with open and meaningful communication. She will share her personal stories through her struggles, challenges and successes. Laura will not teach you something that God has not dealt with her, on a personal level. You will find Laura relatable, vulnerable and genuine. After hearing her, you will be moved to live closer to your heavenly Father with a deep commitment to knowing Him Better.

Submitted by More Of Him Ministries on 05/23/2016

Dr. Tim Gibson, Sr. Pastor

I don't know anyone who loves ministry to women more than Laura Sommons. Her ministry, "Lavishly Loved" has been birthed out of her deep desire to see women know and experience the great love that the Father has lavished on them through the work of Christ. Laura's deep love for Christ and her genuine devotion to her Savior is the heart behind all that she does. Laura is fully devoted to the Word of God as the means by which God speaks and ministers to women. Because truth is a premium, you should expect nothing but faithful exposition. You will also hear about the deep extending grace of God offered to those who hurt and need God's transformation. Laura's personality is warm and welcoming. She is a woman with a bucket load of personality that will encourage every women she meets. If Laura speaks to your women, you will not be disappointed.

Submitted by Ebenezer Bible Fellowship Church on 05/13/2016

Pastor Dick Bickings, Pastor of Discipleship Ministries

I have worked with Laura for over 5 years in discipleship ministries, she in particular, has been involved in discipling women of all ages. She has an incredible tenderness for the problems that women face, and gently but firmly directs them to the scriptures for answers. She is humble and submissive, yet leads women to understand their true beauty in Jesus Christ, and what God has called them to do as singles, housewives, and mothers. It continues to be a joy to serve with her in ministry.

Submitted by Ebenezer Bible Fellowship Church on 04/14/2016