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Robin Farnsworth Recommendations

Submitted by Hope Fellowship Church on 04/04/2019

Stacey Olson

On Topic

I highly recommend that if you have the chance to meet Robin and hear her share her story and her heart that you don't pass it up! We we're blessed by her openness to share the hard parts of her story. Her vulnerability and love of her Savior Jesus Christ set her apart from the rest. We left with renewed hope and encouragement to forgive. To forgive those that have wounded us deeply, those that are hard to forgive. Her message brought hope to those who have been bound by hurt and unforgiveness. She truly is a gem of our generation.

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Connie LaPlume

For 2 years I worked at trying to find a speaker for a small retreat in my area. No one responded my search. I was discouraged... I thought I would look one more time... Robin's name came up at the top of the list. God said.... ask her.
My faith was not exactly strong thinking she would respond to my request. But she responded the same day!
We were honored to have Robin speak to our group of 33 women.
Robin is amazing. Her life story is touching. Her ability to "move on" after a life of trials that a non Christian would not be able to face is compelling to listen to. Her faith shines through in her words... and her smile is contagious and genuine. She was a blessing to every lady in the room. Forgiveness to Robin is not just a word. She lives it every minute of every day. I was honored to be able to sit and listen to her testimony.

Submitted by Lowell Bible Church on 08/25/2019

Kim Range

Robin is a dynamic and engaging speaker. I was recently at a sold out event of over 300 people and you could've heard a pin drop! People were rapt and hanging on every word. Her book is incredible to read but to hear her speak her testimony is even more powerful!

Submitted by Obc on 12/26/2018

Rose Marie DiResta

If you are looking for a speaker who can touch the hearts of the entire gathering, then I strongly recommend Robin. She has been our guest speaker two years in a row and everyone is already looking forward to her next appearance. Robin has so much to share and does it in a loving, kind way. You go away from her presentation wanting to be a better person.

Submitted by St. Rita Sodality on 03/28/2018

Kathy Cooper

Robin is the real deal ! For week’s after her talk, ladies were continuing to share the “take-aways” from her time with us. Her love for Jesus and others is so evident.

Submitted by Ossippee Congregational Church on 02/06/2018

Diane S.

I was blessed to hear Robin at our annual Ladies Friendship Luncheon. Her story is both heart wrenching and uplifting. Forgiveness has new meaning after listening. My husband was part of the days end clean up crew and he heard Robins message as he stood waiting. He said he was glad he was there to witness her powerful message! Diane S. May 2017

Submitted by First Congregational Church Of Rochester on 01/16/2018