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Carol Cool Recommendations

Submitted by Middle Creek Church Women's Ministries on 01/03/2021

Martha Hess

On Topic

Women respond well to Carol’s presentations. She injects humor and valuable content for women to ‘do life’ together—enriching and encouraging both our hearts and souls. Whenever I have worked with Carol for our Women’s Ministries program, she has been available, professional, flexible and prompt in her responses. As a planner, those are qualities I appreciate.

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Sue Sutter Program committee member

Each year we survey our women’s fellowship requesting thoughts and new ideas for the following season. Carol Cool is always noted as a top favorite speaker and we joyfully invite her to return! She consistently delivers a Godly message with wit and conviction. We love her, and you will too.

Submitted by Neighbors Caring And Sharing on 01/11/2021

Rose M. Hickernell, former coordinator

As coordinator of NSAC, I have had Carol Cool speak numerous times at our women's program. I was drawn in the first time she spoke to us, as she is engaging, witty and ties it all together to the word of God. She is experienced, at ease as she speaks and challenges our group.

Submitted by Neighbors Sharing And Caring on 01/08/2021