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Debbie Ormonde Recommendations

Submitted by Summit Bible College on 10/03/2017

Caitlin Hashim- Vice President of Operations

On Topic

Dr. Debbie is a dynamic and passionate speaker! She's transparent and candid. Not only is she a great speaker, she's a phenomenal minister who holds those she helps close. She genuinely cares. Dr. Debbie is also a go getter! She will get the job done, and with excellence! She truly is reliable and loyal. She's been a Professor of Summit Bible College for a few years and has received positive reviews from all her students on a broad area of subjects including: Communicating the Word of God, Lead Like Jesus, Beginning and Advanced Leadership, Chaplaincy, and more! She won't let you down.

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Christy Costa-Women's Ministry Team

As a group, we cannot speak highly enough of Debbie. She spoke at our women's retreat and lives were changed. Debbie's approach is hands on and it is evident she truly cares for those she is ministering to. Debbie never seems to grow tired of sharing the love of Jesus. She does this by sharing candidly about what the Lord has done in her life in such an authentic way that everyone in the room can relate. If you are looking for a dynamic speaker who is down to earth and compassionate, Debbie should be your first choice. I highly recommend her for any and all of your events.

Submitted by Visalia Nazarene Church on 03/16/2022

Christine Miller

Debbie is a powerful and anointed speaker. Her passion and committment to Jesus are palpable. Her energy and joy for her Lord are contagious. After hearing her speak, those who experience her presentation and her dynamic presence feel that they can go out and change the world for their Lord! She is a game-changer!

Submitted by Be Finally Free on 08/06/2021

Sue Warfield

Debbie is an awesome speaker, she says it like it is, very down to earth person with a sense of humor. Thoroughly enjoyed her at our Mt Hope Retreat.

Submitted by Mount Hope Retreat on 12/02/2019

Daniel Samms, Speaker

Debbie Ormonde was a professor of mine at Summit Bible College for at least two classes and sat in another as a student with me. Her heart for the lost and passion for the Gospel truly shine brightly. In front of a room, she is engaging and simultaneously challenging, injecting concepts into the room to keep their attention. She is very comfortable on stage and loves interacting with the audience. Her strong presence is greatly accentuated by her vulnerability and humility when speaking on tough or hurtful subjects. Overall, I have been blessed and provoked by hearing her speak!

Submitted by Provoke Ministries on 10/31/2019

sue warfield

I feel that you are very down tomearth and tell it like it is. You have had some life changing expierences in your life and know fikrst hand what it is like to not have God in your life and then decide that this is what you want. You are a verympowerful speaker and I hope that you will return to Mt.Hope again. Thanks for a wonderful weekend I did feel the spirit of God all around us and in you. MaymGod bless you and your family now and always. Sincerely, Sue Warfield

Submitted by Bangor Community Church on 10/28/2019

Christy Costa Women's Ministries

Debbie is a top notch speaker, her heartfelt message is sure to change lives. Debbie shared her story candidly with our ladies group and women were moved. You cannot be around Debbie and not love her, her infectious personality along with her sincere love for Christ draw people to her.

Submitted by Sequoia Worship Center on 09/17/2018

Connie Stoffel - Pastor's Wife

We had Debbie as our guest speaker for our 2018 Women's Retreat. She was engaging, approachable and spoke a powerful life changing message that was able to reach the heart of every woman present no matter what their background or age. I was beyond blessed as were the women from our church. I would not hesitate to have Debbie Ormonde back and recommend her highly.

Submitted by Ignite Revival Ministries/sequoia Worship Center on 09/17/2018

Dana Winn - Founder Overcome Ministry

WOW! I don't even know where to begin, I am in awe of this lady! Her message of forgiveness spoke to the hearts of so many women that are broken by unforgiveness and cannot bring themselves to even think of forgiving the "someone" who has cause them great harm and pain. Debbie has such humility and allowed the Holy Spirit to fill her to the point of complete transparency. Debbie was Jesus' mouthpiece and the Holy Spirit used her mightily to share His love for us and how much He wants to heal us. Debbie was incredible and captivating, I didn't want her to stop talking. Thank you Debbie for saying YES to Jesus and for being a part of our first Overcome Event. I look forward to doing ministry with you and more events. I love that God knew I needed a friend like you and He introduced us.

Submitted by Overcome Ministry on 08/31/2018


Debbie is a passionate, inspiring & motivational speaker! Her life story & enthusiasm will light up your group of all ages. After I heard Debbie speak to group of high school students, I immediately noticed everyone in attendance had new motivation to “Make a difference” in their day to day lives. God Bless you, Debbie Ormonde. You are an amazing person.

Submitted by Kern County Student Leadership on 04/21/2018

Nikki Linenberger, Executive Director

I have known Debbie Ormonde for 23 years as an employee and close family friend. I have seen how God has transformed her from a keep to herself woman to someone who can truly captivate her audience and have them seek their personal relationship with God. She is energetic, engaging, and always authentic. It is always so exciting to be able to listen to what God is empowering her to share. You do not what to miss an opportunity to see how God uses her as a tool to reach others for His Kingdom.

Submitted by Be Finally Free, Inc on 10/23/2017

Ann Maskill

“I first met Debbie when she was 12 years old, I was 16. She was the most unusual young girl I had ever met. Debbie’s childhood was anything but normal. Her story shows how the human spirit can be torn and broken, but in finding God’s love and acceptance, lives can be changed, repaired and used, to inspire others.God’s greatest soldiers are the people who have been challenged, fallen down, trampled on and still get up to face another day. Debbie’s journey has been a long, hard road, but she trusted in God to get her through it all and she is an inspiration to every life she touches I am certain you will feel blessed to meet her and have her share her life with you.” Ann Maskill President, Main Street Insurance Company Michigan

Submitted by Main Street Insurance Company Michigan on 10/16/2017

Tanya Dixon, Chaplain

Dr. Debbie Ormonde is true, passionate, and lives out her calling on purpose. I had the pleasure of taking one of her classes. Besides being a good instructor, she has a heart for Jesus and it displays in her love and care for people. She is knowledgeable and always making sure that she takes the time to study so that she may present her lesson and God's word the way He intends. She is a diamond in the rough, that God has manifested for such a time as this. People from all walks of life will be blessed by her ministry.

Submitted by Student-summit Bible College on 10/11/2017

Siomara Jimenez

Debbie is just amazing. She is realistic, down to earth, Jesus Loving, beautiful soul that knows how to make you feel accepted and loved. I wish the world could experience hearing her speak. I know I learn something new everytime.

Submitted by None on 10/04/2017

Dr. Jeff Victor

Debbie has to be one of the most dynamic speakers I've ever met. She is highly motivated, has true life experiences that you rarely hear, and is excellent at relating to people. She is not the typical female speaker, either. By that I mean that she can also motivate a male audience, effectively. Although she is a full-time minister, today, she has been a corporate executive and she is probably the most driven and focused woman I have ever met. She is very assertive, straight forward, fast talking, and yet, very sensitive and thorough. I would recommend her to speak to any group on leadership, ministry, or reaching the lost.

Submitted by Summit Bible College on 10/03/2017

Kay Panadero, Adminstrator/minister

Debbie Ormonde is an outstanding Christian woman who speaks on real-life principles backed by the Word of God. She is a great speaker whose credentials speak of the vibrant and invigorating topics that she has brought before her audience. I would recommend her as a speaker at any Christian event.

Submitted by Calvary Redemption Center on 10/02/2017

Joy Kanthack OutReach Ministry

I have known Debbie for a few years now and this woman totally amazes me. I have attended several of her Women's Conferences at my church and also done some ministry work at one of the prisons that her organization ministers to. Not only does she have a heart for the Lord, she also has a heart for others and their salvation. To listen to her speak or preach is something else. Her energy, knowledge and love are something to see. She reaches so many others and touches so many lives.

Submitted by Mountaintop Community Church on 10/02/2017

Christine Miller

I have known Debbie about 5 years and have gone into jails and prisons with her. She has a deep compassion for those who are lost, hurting and struggling. She uses her own life experiences as a powerful platform for encouragement. She is beautiful, full of life and brimming with joy and hope. She also has a fantastic sense of humor and of true humility. Any group wanting a speaker who can instill hope, joy and courage in the hearts of listeners would want Debbie as part of their program. After hearing Debbie speak, you leave the room knowing without a doubt that “with God all things are possible”!!

Submitted by Be Finally Free on 10/02/2017

Chaplain Tracy Hale

I have had the opportunity to work along side this awesome gift to the body of Christ. She works tirelessly to change lives that the world has thrown away. She has the ability to see people in away that most people never will. She is a powerful speaker and makes a difference everywhere she travels. She has a way of bringing hope to a dark a desperate world, and change to the hopeless. She also brings out the best in others who care and want to help for the cause, she has challenged me to the core to Step up a little hirer and has shown me the true heart of God.

Submitted by Vessels Of Honor Ministries on 10/02/2017

Kerry Bulls

This letter is to heartily endorse Chaplain Debbie Ormonde as a qualified Prison Chaplain, an exceptional teacher in our Chaplaincy Program, and all around a person of integrity and exceptional character. She is in good standing with our organization and well thought of by the other chaplains. I would highly recommend her to your organization as a more than qualified minister of the Gospel. If you have any questions or concerns about Chaplain Ormonde please do not hesitate to contact me, Dr. Kerry L. Bulls, at 661-444-78814

Submitted by Healing Word International on 10/02/2017

Sherry Rose

It is with great pleasure that I recommend my friend and partner in ministry,
Debbie Ormonde. With a heart for the broken and a passion to pursue Christ at
all costs, Debbie is a clear thinker and engaging speaker, be it guest speaker or
keynote! She brings a powerful message of hope and restoration through her
words and her testimony!
Dr. Sherry Rose
Director, Wellsping Personal Development

Submitted by Wellspring Personal Development on 10/02/2017

Kelley Allen

“My experience of Debbie is that she LOVES the Lord.  She is continually asking how she can be a better servant to change people for God.  I appreciate her integrity & enthusiasm.  She speaks from her heart  about her passion to share hope with those who have none.”
Kelley Allen
Director, Women in Ministry (WiM)
Christ’s Church of the Valley, Bakersfield

Submitted by Christ Church Of The Valley on 10/02/2017

Mike Franey

“Debbie has a great personality which enables her to interact with people from all
walks of life, and she has a natural ability to carefully navigate her way through
life’s various situations with wisdom and grace. She is passionate about
everything she does and people can sense her sincerity and concern for those in
need. She is very charismatic and people love to be around her because she is
so upbeat and elevates the name of Jesus wherever she goes.”

Submitted by Chaplain At Lerdo Detention Facility on 10/02/2017

Lauren Patterson

Dr. Debbie Ormonde teaches and speaks from a place of compassion and understanding through personal experiences and eduction. She uses her ability to engage and connect with an audience to impart her wisdom and passion on how to take vision and implement action. I am always moved to action after listening to her speak and absolutely can attest to her authenticity! She’s a strong example of a woman pursuing her call and her mission so dedicated and intentional. I highly recommend her for any size audience both great and small!

Submitted by Delighted Coaching on 10/02/2017