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Nancy Wilkerson

I have known Carole for many years and recommend her highly. I have heard and seen her in several speaking assignments and last year, she was the guest speaker for our Women's Retreat weekend. Our ladies fell in love with her. She engages those she is addressing, doing it with a wonderful sense of humor and of course her relationship with our Lord comes through loud and clear. Our ladies were unanimous in their high rating of her and we will have her back!

Submitted by Desert Springs Church Director Of Women's Ministry on Tuesday, Aug 23, 2016

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Carole Leathem Most Recent Recommendations

Linda Lankford, Women's ministry

Carole spoke at one of our Women’s events at First Baptist Church of Fair Oaks. When we asked Carole to speak, our main concern was the diversity of ages within our group. We needed someone to help us identify ways to begin building relationships within our women’s group—relationships that moved beyond the superficial level. Carole proved to be an excellent choice for the job and we left the event with new energy and a willingness to step out of our comfort zones. Carole is a gifted women’s conference speaker who can easily communicate with women of all ages. She has a great sense of humor and a wisdom beyond her years, largely due to the many life experiences God has walked her through. Her presentations are honest, relatable, engaging and quickly point out that you are hearing from someone who loves God and His Word with all her soul and all her strength.

Submitted by First Baptist Church Of Fair Oaks, on Thursday, Mar 07, 2019

Val Mercy

Everyone is raving about our Spring Tea Speaker, Carole Leathem. We always have good speakers, but she was really well received. They commented on her natural down to earth, vulnerable presentation. She did a great job of sharing personal experience and tying it into Bible truth. It was excellent!

Submitted by Cornerstone Church Of Littlerock on Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Kathy Stinson

Everyone loved her at the Spring Tea. They loved that she was so real and honest . We will have her back.

Submitted by Cornerstone Church Of Littlerock on Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Teresa Dennis - Women's Small Group Director, Hesperia campus

Carole did exactly what I asked of her - create an engaging, interactive presentation regarding spiritual warfare. Carole was excellent at communicating with me as we prepared for the event. Carole was on time, flexible, professional and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Carole Leathem!

Submitted by High Desert Church on Sunday, Feb 05, 2017

Teresa Cushman

First and foremost, it is immediately apparent when you listen to Carole that she loves God and loves ministering to women. Carole's presentations are very real and applicable. She is transparent and approachable. I've been a part of several events that she was the speaker and always came away seeking to live for God more fully engaged. She always gives next steps and actions that you can start now! She encourages women not to settle for ordinary, but to live an extraordinary life for Christ.

Submitted by Fbc Fairfield on Monday, Aug 22, 2016

Debie Deschaine Business Owner

Carole is a genuine and engaging person and speaker. She is tuned in to Gods voice, sees his hand at work and is quick to obey. Her life experiences and God-driven responses to those experiences are inspiring and show her devotion to God and her knowledge of his word. Carole is the epitome of joyful living in the Lord, and her life and speaking exudes her joyful attitude!

Submitted by Embracing Order on Monday, Aug 22, 2016

William Leathem

"I have known Carole for twenty-eight years. We have been married for twenty-six years. She is a gifted encourager and an inspired drama writer and performer. She has a heart for training women's leadership and motivating women in their faith. She is humorous and insightful, energetic and inspirational, prepared and informing. She is a teacher, trainer and motivator which God has been using for ten years in conference and retreat settings. Carole is a woman whose primary focus is living a life both devoted to and being lead by God. And from this focus flows an expressed concern for women."

Submitted by William Leathem on Friday, Oct 30, 2015